Spotemgottem Was Allegedly Driving A Stolen Car Owned By A YouTuber When Shot!


Spotemgottem was shot recently, but the drama continues to unfurl.

Spotemgottem has garnered the attention of many in recent weeks, and I don’t mean because of his hits on TikTok! A YouTuber recently inserted himself in the life of the controversial rapper, making a startling claim: “Spotemgottem was driving his car when he was shot and almost killed!” The YouTuber put it on…YouTube!

According to the video, the man’s car was stolen for several months and he put an alert out on it. When he did it was apparently after Spotemgottem was shot. The car had a new paint job and a new (fake) VIN number, but apparently, he retrieved it. Also: he still wanted it. Maybe he found it could be valuable at some point since dude is infamous. I personally would not want a car riddled with bullets. People may come for you next!

I have never heard of Trap Shawn, but I think he should be concerned a little more. He already got paid from insurance. Maybe he wanted to know for another “reason.” Also, why would a rapper like Spotemgottem be riding around in a stolen car? Maybe he didn’t know?

By the way, the rapper is recovering from the murder attempt.

Let me…leave it alone.

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