Nas Wears “N****r” T-Shirt To Grammy Awards

Rapper Nas isn’t shying away from the controversy surrounding his new album.


The rapper walked the red carpet in a black t-shirt that boldly said “N****r” on it. His wife Kelis and a bevy of woman who were dressed in similar garb accompanied the rapper.The rapper explained his fashion choice to a reporter for CNN.

“Its all the experiences we go through every day, of all ethnicities, Black, White, indifferent. We’ve all at some point felt discriminated on, whether its in Dominican Republic, whether its in China, whether its in Iraq with soldiers getting their heads blown off for reasons we don’t know why,” he reasoned. “The meaning of the word is supposed to be ignorant.”“So no longer are Black people still n****rs, its also me and you,” Nas said to the White CNN correspondent. “I want people to think about what I’m thinking about today.” 

Nas announced last year that his next opus would be titled N****r, a proclamation that has gotten the rapper a lot of attention. The awareness has ranged from criticism to support.


Nas was Grammy nominated for Best Rap Album for Hip-Hop is Dead, but label mate Kanye West and his Graduation CD took the honor Sunday evening.


Representatives for the rapper were unavailable at press time.


See the clip below:

  • thatgirl11

    Winning a grammy is the last thing Nas should worry about. Because winning a grammy now a-days mean dumbing down and making a hit song people just like for the moment that has no meaning. He should focus on getting emmies like the one he won and help the community. Last but not least, I think he should stop worrying so much about how to fit in,because nobody will ever count him out. HES ONE OF THE BEST!! I mean I honestly would never pick Kanye over Nas no one would Kanye is just the it guy people just listen to. Nas is more than that.