Gillie Da Kid

Gillie Da Kid Lands Major Backing Through NFL Star Tamba Hali

(AllHipHop News) Philadelphia rapper Gillie Da Kid has landed a deal with NFL Star Tamba Hali and his label, Religion Records.

Tamba Hali and Religion Records are backing Gillie’s Hip-Hop imprint, Figga Gang Records.

“He gave me the money to do my own thing so you know that’s what it is,” Gillie Da Kid told

The news of Gillie’s deal with Hali, who was born in Liberia and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey, comes on the heels of his $60 million deal with The Kansas City Chiefs.

Gillie revealed that he was working on a new “Gangsta Grillz” project with Philadelphia native/Atlanta resident DJ Drama.

He said he was also working with Superstar Jay on a new track titled “King.”

As for his untitled album, most of the material is in the can and Gillie is preparing to begin promotion on the singles and the album.

“The music is done, I’m just shooting videos now and getting them in order,” Gillie told

Gillie has remained active over the past several years, in the city of Philadelphia.

In addition to dropping his “Validation” mixtape with popular DJ Cosmic Kev, Gillie has shot several movies.

The rapper stars in the movie “Caged Animal,” and is preparing for the release of “Brotherly Love,” which stars Ving Rhames.

The trailer is below:


  • SamuelLJacckson

    Damn…That’s Crazy RIGHT THURRRRR.

  • These deals with NFL players never amount to shit

  • smokewinston100s

    rapper signs to NFL/NBA players label = end of career 

    • Keith Brickz

      true indeed

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  • Christian Good

    yea because no label is dumb enough to sign him

  • MrMarvlss

    I respect Gilly’s hustle…he’s on his 50 Cent low-budget movie sh@t…money nontheless. Never been a fan…but I appreciate taking advantage of  any opportunity to adavance.

  • MrTroyMercy

    Religion rarecords …..naw I ain’t buying ” mr I wrote for wayne ,mr yeh that us but spade did you see baby kiss wayne while beans beat me up in front of him ? Oh forgot you was locked , how prision ass yo pass the std azz ” gillie…I ain’t buying shet by dude sorry Philly…

    • EL_BARK

      Yo what you talking about?????

      Spade wasnt lock at the time, beans whip gillie ass.

      2. Yo did you forget spade my man???? And i really mean
      My MAN, like we did business together..????

      dude is a stand up guy, i just wrote him today.
      I never blame SPADE for that shet, that got him
      Lock. I blame jay-z and him hyping cats up like he was down to ride in these streets.
      With them.

      That had the hanger-ons acting tuff getting out of line,
      With cats…..

      Anybody that know spade, know he a good dude,
      Cause, he a man of his words…..

      Yeah its fuk up that he got lock, but he wasnt the institgator,
      And he was provoke. And he still took the bid for other niggas & didnt snitch.

      You speaking foul on that man, homie,
      And i dont think you know the whole story cuzz.

      And you know i fuks wit ya.
      But you outta line.

      • EL_BARK

        And gillie did write for wayne. Listen to wayne before the carter

        When he was rapping all that hot boys shet, & 500 degrees shet.
        He was on that south shet, that he came out on.

        Go Dj,
        Got gillie style all over it, wayne just made it sound different cause he added that southern slang to a philly flow. Gillie wrote damn near half the carter.
        He was signed to cash money since 02, but they just wanted him to write.

        Wayne def took his flow & style, its just sound different cause wayne from the south,
        With an accent slang, when he rap.

        Why u think dutch & gillie in the ” go dj” video.?????

        That all gillie flow, anybody from philly know it,

        Its just a southern niggah spitting it.

        So it sound like his. Lol

  • MrTroyMercy

    This dude wwouldnt sell a nickle …smh

  • Keith Brickz

    gillie will forever be a ghostwriter…dude aint meant to be a star…he aint cut from that cloth…hes talented yes, but he has no star potential what so ever

  • for ONCE, I’d like to see a story like this..and read the comments and see nuccas be happy for a dude….yea its probably not the best situation for him..but if it gives him an opportunity to put fod on his family’s table then so be it…

  • Zom

    go for it Gillie .. you nice .. now let the world hear it


  • williefonte

    Bottomline is this GILLIE!………… You DO NOT HAVE STAR CHARISMA! I’m sorry bro. You are best at been a ghost writer. Thats your nitch! Everybody is not ment to be up front. But GOOD LUCK ANYWAYS!

  • gillie said he got a million for the deal from tamba!