School Em Saturday: The Tuesday Edition!

I failed to add School Em Saturday on Saturday…so here is the late Tuesday edition.

Shout out to EDOGZ818! There it is!





The 2012 National Defense Authorization Act was passed by a vote of 93-7 , on Dec. 1, 2011. President Obama vows to veto the bill , even though he asked for the same powers in May 2009:

The controversy arises because the 2012 NDAA strips away due process protections ( Right to bail, confront witnesses , challenge detention , etc. ) for whomever is targeted under the law.

The law would cover those who aid al-Qaida , the Taliban, or associated forces that are engaged in hostilities against the United States, including anyone who has “committed a belligerent act or has directly supported such hostilities in aid of such enemy forces.” The term “ Belligerent act “ , is not defined , nor is who defines it. What can qualify as a belligerent act? Occupy Wall street protests? Twitter post? Drug case like former Bad Boy Artist “ LOON “ , charged under the Patriot Act for a drug case?

Loon Arrested In Brussels, Belgium Over U.S. Heroin Case

Sen. Rand Paul Speaks on the Senate Floor on Defense Authorization Act – 11/29/11


Jerry Sandusky has been rumored by Beaver County Times columnist Mark Madden , to have allegedly pimped out young boys to rich donors , that included Washington D.C. politicians. These allegations mirror those of : “ The Franklin Cover Up “ ( 1988 – 1991 )

Conspiracy of Silence: The Franklin Cover Up – Censored Documentary!:


In the 1996 Detroux Affair , witnesses implicated Count Maurice Lippen , a regular Bilderberg attendee , and his brother Leopold ( Mayor of Knokke ) , as well as the Belgian Royal Family as child abusing participants in the snuff and ritual abuse network.


The Casa Pia child sexual abuse scandal in Portugal took place over 40 yrs , with over 100 estimated victims , and allegations of participation going up as high as the Casa Pia governor. It was alleged that the Portuguese state run institution that housed physically , mentally & emotionally challenged children / orphans was used as a recruiting ground for a ring of powerful pedophiles.


In 2004, Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer reported, “The Adoption and the Safe Families Act, set in motion by President Bill Clinton, offers cash “bonuses” to the states for every child they adopted out [to] foster care. In order to receive the “adoption incentive bonuses” local child protective services need more children.” Nancy Schaefer allegedly committed suicided in March 2010, after speaking at the World Conference of Families in Amsterdam in 2009.


President Judge Mark Ciavarella and Senior Judge Michael Conahan , in Luzerne County , Pa , were accused of accepting $2.6 Million from owners and builders of private for profit Juvenile facilities , to hand out harsh sentences to children that appeared before them , that ensured the facilities received steady business.


MUMIA ABU JAMAL is officially off Death Row. Prosecutors have officially decided not to re-seek the death penalty. Mumia Abu Jamal spent 30yrs? on death row. His sentence was commuted to life without parole. Efforts to get a new trial for Mumia Abu Jamal are still ongoing.





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  • therealest1

    Mucho conspiracy theories in here.

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  • Where’s the facts????

  • Gotta do your own research & fact finding!
    Conspiracy theories are like lottery tickets.

    With each ticket you buy , in theory , however slight , the odds of winning increase , same with evidence.

    Personal study is better.

  • TalleyClarice2

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    Mumia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (in a radio raheem voice)

    Told you he will be back in general population lo,

    His lawyers are waiting for one of the appealate judges to resign.
    Once a new judge is appointed, they will put in a motion to re-argrue for a new trial in
    7th cicruit of appeals in federal court.
    They only loss a vote of a new trial by a 2-1 margin.

    Once of the judges who voted no for a mew trial is replaced,
    They are going to re-argrue in front of a the new judge, and hopefully get a 2-1 vote in mumia favor.

    If he gets a new trial, he is damn near a free man guranteed.!!!!!!!

    No way he gets convicted, with all of the new evidence.

    That why seth williams didnt want to give him a new sentencing hearing.

    To much new shet is going to get expose, and he dont want that. Lol

    His lawyer and i was dieing of laughter, when the supreme court told the DA,
    To fuk off. Lol.

  • We know the Pa court system isn’t the best , but explain what kind of nefarious stuff a new sentencing hearing or trial would expose.

    Break it down El Bark!

    • EL_BARK

      Alright real quick.
      Boom ( bp1 voice)

      I not going to spill all the beans or stategies of mumia lawyers or defense,
      Cause they stil plan on re-argruing for a new trial…

      But in 1991, mumia lawyer has 27, issue or violations or appeals violations,
      In his case. In 2001 the federal supreme court heard argruments, for 2 of tge violations, out of 26.

      The first violation was the one that just got him off of deathrow.
      At the sentencing, the judge gave confusing and misleading direction to the jury,
      When telling them how to decide if he should get death or life…..

      This violation was the one just up held by the supreme court.
      The philly DA, ask the supreme court to re-consider. And they said no.
      One thing about apoeals judge they like to be consistent.

      The other violations that the supreme court heard was
      The batson rule or ruling. This case was when some guy name batson,
      Won appeal cause his jury pool, was tamper with by the DA.

      The supreme court ruled in his case, that the DA can not just kick people off a jury or deny them based on race. In mumia case each side gets 8 vote of nay,
      To a person with or with out predjuice.

      Ex. I might not like a guy shirt, and i might instruct my lawyer to say nay,
      For that reason. But my reason doesnt have to be made public.

      Well the DA disqualified 8 poetential jurors all black.
      And when it actually came down to trial.
      It was 10 white 2 blacks. This is not a jury of mumia peers.
      Also the DA kept rejecting black jurors, even after they got their 8 freebies.
      Pretty much the DA wasnt going to trial unless it had a line up,
      Of crackers. And why the judge even allow it, is another judge violation,
      Or DA mis-conduct. Either way the judge, shouldnt had allow it.

      Then after the 10-2 jurors were picked. The judge then replaced one out of the two black jurors, with a white juror. So by the time, the trial started.
      It was 11 whites to 1 black.????????
      Also if this judge mess up the instructions at sentencing,
      It prolly a chance he deliberately, miss the 27 other violations,
      Or he knew exactly what he was doing.

      On this argrument, ( BATSON RULE): Mumia loss by a vote of.
      2 -1.
      2 judges said it wasnt, a violation.
      but “ONE” judge agreed, ” YES” it was a violation of baston LAW.

      So if one of the two judges, who voted “NO” against the “BATSON RULE” or violation.
      Would had voted “YES”

      Mumia would gets a new trial, cause majority decisions wins. Mumia only loss
      2-1 vote, for a BATSON violation.

      That why they are now waiting, for one of the two judges to resigned,
      So when a new judge is appointed they can reargrue, for a baston violation again.

      Remember federal appeals judges are appointed for life,
      So they tend to be fair, despite public opinion.
      That why the supreme court told seth williams (DA) to fuk off.

      In the state level of appeals ( pennsylvania)
      Mumia will never get no love, because state judges are voted in.
      If they ever ruled in mumia favor it would be career sucide.

      This why it took ten years from 2001 to finally get him off deathrow.
      Cause the DA been fighting for appeals all this time.

      If mumia gets a new trial, he will be a free man.
      No way he gets convicted, by a jury.

      I am not going give you all the details. But 4 reasons why mumia is innocent.
      And i did say innocent instead of not guilty.

      1. The evidence didnt fit. But the didnt acquit him.
      The DA own prosecution ballistics expert preformed,
      A test to see, if the gun mumia allegedly had was the murder weapon.
      The DA expert concluded his test was
      INCONCLUSIVE. Also the expert failed to give mumia a gun powder residue test.
      Or they did do a test. But destroyed the evidence, when it came back negative.

      Since when do police lock up a cop killer, and dont do a gun powder residue test.?????
      Also the medical examiner ADMITTED the fatal bullets was a
      44 caliber….. Mumia alledeglly had a 38 caliber.

      Now i know nothing about gunz, lol but i going to assume.
      A big ass 44 bullets, cant and wont discharge in
      A 38 caliber.

      2. Prosecution said in their l, closing argrument mumia was shot, while standing over faulkner,
      But that is impossible. Because the bullet that shot mumia hit and went out of his body on a DOWNWARD angle. If mumia was standing over faulkner when he got shot.
      While faulkner was supposedly on laying on ground. The bullet would had hit mumia on an upward angle. ( meaning the gun was facing mumia being fired from the ground)
      Hitting mumia at the bottom of his stomach, and exiting out of the back top of his sholder.

      Mumia bullet travel on a DOWNWARD angle, meaning its was the opposite way,
      The DA explain the shooting.

      3.cops made up confession.
      The cop who trasnported mumia from the scence to the hospital,
      Put in his report. Mumia made no comment. The whole time from the scence and even in the hospital. When they question him, he said ” no comments”

      Several weeks later, some cops and a security guard at the hospital, later said mumia did confessed. Also the security guards, has severe credibility issue, and was given a job as a cop,
      Afterwards, i believe. I think that what mumia lawyer told me.
      Cant remember, going off the top of the dome.

      But the security guard was very flaky.

      4. The trial judge refuse to grant a continuance,
      For mumia , so his defense could locate the officer who i mention above, could testify,
      That mumia never made a confession. His testimony was essential, because he was the cole cop, who could prove mumia never confessed.

      The DA and cops had just so happen to ALLOW this cop, to be away on vacation during this high profile, death penalty case. Which is very rare, and why the judge wouldnt allow for a continuance, until the cop came off vacation is more evidence of a conspiracy between. The cops & DA & judge.

      When mumia original lawyer, ask where was the cop,
      The DA made it seem like this cop was “out of town”
      On vacation. When it all actuality. The cops was sitting at home on vacation time. Less then 2 miles away from citu hall. Rather then have the cop purjure himself, on the stand. The cops & DA, made it seem like he was no where to be found, and out the city.
      If the DA would had said, the cop was still in philly. The defense lawyer could had still gotten a suboeona, and he could had still testify.

      But when the DA said he on vacation, this gave the judge an excuse to not give an continuance, under the reasoning of, he diesnt know when the cops is coming back.

      More imoortantly, mumia first lawyer, was way in over his head when he took this case.
      I dont think he knew what he was getting into,
      & made some costly mistakes also……

      If any body re-print my shet give me my credit.
      I aint copy and paste nada.
      And this is all info from, the horses mouth……
      Mad dog illcoon.

      And church boy 2 with his alledege masters.

      I run wit scholars dog, lol

      Keep ya masters. Lmao

  • Bill Text112th Congress (2011-2012)H.R.1540.RFS


    In this subtitle, the term `individual detained at Guantanamo’ means any individual who is located at United States Naval Station, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, on or after March 7, 2011,


    (1) is not a citizen of the United States or a member of the Armed Forces of the United States;

    (2) is in the custody or under the effective control of the Department of Defense.


    $E$ Update:American Citizens Win last night!

    After a grassroots , viral campaign went under way to change provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act 2012 , that was perceived to target American Citizens for indefinite detention , the bill looks to have been changed to it’s final version above. Twitter post and Occupiers are safe from Guantanamo Bay…for now.

    $662 Billion for defense?

    With $662 Billion USD or more authorized to be spent on defense ( *Oil producing / having Iran? Syria? ) , how much is being spent on education for American Citizens? Infrastructure? HealthCare?
    Probably a lot more than that.

  • El Bark:
    “Now i know nothing about gunz, lol but i going to assume.
    A big ass 44 bullets, cant and wont discharge in
    A 38 caliber. ”
    I don’t know either , but your logic sounds like it may be correct! LOL

    Would make a nice segment on Mumia: $E$ style.

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