Hip-Hop Rumors: Are Charli Baltimore And Royce Da 5’9′ A Couple Or What?

If you follow femcee Charli Baltimore on Instagram, you know that in the past, she has posted photos of her and Shady Records rapper and Slaughterhouse group member, Royce Da 5’9′, looking very much like a couple. Back when my homie illseed was around, he posted a rumor about the two that mysteriously disappeared from the site.

Anyway, our very own Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur caught up with Ms. Baltimore at AllHipHop Central and put her on the hot seat. Check out what she says, or rather what she doesn’t say, about her relationship with Royce Da 5’9′, as well as why she took Royce off of one of her songs:

Charli hit Jigsaw with the elusive “no comment”! Our full interview with Charli is coming soon!

Ms. Baltimore has a new mixtape out now with Dutchie Man called “Natural Born Khronicles”. Make sure you download the mixtape here.

  • Royce is married LOL but still getting it poppin huh

  • brotha_man

    …so i guess shes into lames.

    • TruthSerum

      Nah, she’s into rappers that can read & write and dont sound like they have downsyndrome


    Tiffany !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You sexy chic you……………….

    We on duece one & the breeze in SP..
    Come holla @ a nigga or niggas

    I fuks wit royce glasses

    Did the dude chuck have an iceberg sweat shirt on????
    I thought they were mickey mouse hands????

    • Zee sent a Big Upz ( Canadian Style , complete with complimentary tea & Crumpets ) to every one. He’s on facebook group From AHH To FB , many old heads there , no Big East though

      • EL_BARK

        Yo is that were everybody jump ship too.??????

        I knew the OG’s of ahh were on the group page. But i didnt know most of the regular cats that was on the rumors page, Switch after the format.

        Send zee, kiwi, keroel, mu
        a holla for me, tell them thats fugg up, they left us astray & abandoned us. Lol

      • EL_BARK

        *************Blows whistle***************

        Throws flag @ edogz.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Edogz question?
        Now when i first gave my theroy that illcoon was orginally chuck, but then past the task
        Of writing rumors off to staff. You kind of hinted, i was right & wrong at the same time
        Or you said i was pretty close.
        Remember that????

        So i know illcoon is from delaware. & chuck is from delaware.
        And before merging their two business. I think chuck was a writer correct.

        And we both can agree, that illcoons is or was a writer for AHH.?????

        How is it that you knew back on april 6, that illcoon was coming back
        And even hinted he will be back at ahh more then likely. Lol

        You know them niggas dont you???????
        Or plug in with them some type of way??? Lmao

        I always wonder how they let you get SES popping.??????

        Come on homie spills the beans.

        Give you a mad dog look ( big east voice)

        Come on admit it. Sydney lace was or is a ploy.
        I know you know

        You was first to ask where illseed???
        And i honestly believe, illcoon or chuck or greg, aint that smart, to think of it.

        But i got a feeling, you put the bug in illcoons air to pull this stunt. Lol

        Street always taught me to, Follow your gut instincts. And my instincts never steered me wrong.

        Yall niggas sneaky,
        Yall handshake aint matching ya smile, cut that shet out yall niggaz foul.
        (B sigel voice)
        Lmao. Atleast tell me they cut you a check, for the consultation, or stratergy

        PS. Tell them niggas to change this discuss format.

  • Frank

    she was at the Troc show in Philly hanging out at the back of the stage.  But she was wit Dutch. It didn’t look like she was wit 5’9

  • ccwaterbound32

    ain’t that B.I.G’s former sperm recipient?

  • rep87

    AHH is turning into gossip rag ,Charlie Baltimore career been over Royce is nothing special lame articles are stacking up !

  • Carlito_Sosa

    charlie baltimore is still baaaad… i throw her in teh same ship with lil cease, both their careers ended on march 9th… if that commission album would have ever came out who knows how their careers would have been different… is charli baltimore still signed to black wall street though?

  • Apollo Showtime

    No comment means, “nah, we ain’t together, but we be fuckin’!”

  • The Truth

    Lol, AHH misses Illseed. 

  • D_Ably

    ‘Natural Born Khronicles’ doesn’t even make sense. Wackest mixtape parody ever.

  • mike malarkey

    man fcuk chuck creeckmur. old tyler perry lookin fagot

    • EL_BARK


      What up my G..
      You a funny bull, i that niggas do
      Look Like an off brand tyler perry. Dress like a women ass niggas.

      Philly is gloomy as ish. Its suppose to rain for the next couple of day.
      Everybody jumping on the sixers bandwagon, now cause they won a game,
      And rose is out…….

      Man whats the point in get excited even if the beat chicago,
      Which is a long shot, they get out in 4 straight the next round.

      I glad the flyers losses. Whites folks walking around,
      Like somebody shot they dog. Lol

      I love see them down. And the phillies stink.
      So its a double bonus for me laughing at them, everytime they lose.

      • mike malarkey

         tru shit…. philly is missing a superstar. they need a guy that can drop 25 at anytime. they got a whole bunch of good dudeds but nobody great.

  • thetruthhurts718

    Ummm…. The reason why Kino hit him was because Royce is married with children. lmao @ the no comment… she knows what she’s doing… trying to break up another happy home. A man is going to be a man, yet if you the jump… remain a jump… ur not wifey so why would you post pics like that… and then say no comment? She’s a mess, and she took him off the tape because he didn’t want any more static from the situation. What that homewrecking bitch need to do is find a man for her own. Isnt she the reason Un was stabbed…??? U went from BIG to Jay to UN to Whoo Kid… ummmm he’s shady also right??? smh… 

  • David Gonz


  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    dutchie man?…..didn’t biggie used to beat dat baltimore boxx……shorty looked like she fell off though….shorty head game must be crazy

  • “Hi Rihanna”

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