Fitting In Fashionably: Find Yourself

“What do you say; me, you, and your Chloe glasses/Go somewhere private where we can discuss fashion/Like, Prada blouse, Gucci bra?…” – Jay-Z, “Give It To Me”

What we see and hear enough of, we buy into – often. Fashion is a prime example. Marketing is centered about influence. Influencing people to spend their hard earned money on the hottest items, well what they’re told is hot. No one can be upset with the ploys to move people to carry a certain bag, rock an exclusive pair of heels, no matter how uncomfortable, or stand in line for hours to have the in sneakers, just for the moment. Sometimes a brand is big enough to draw the money in all on its own – that’s what building a brand is all about. Still, the fact remains that being lured into fashion’s top names doesn’t mean you’re stylish.


Kanye West’s AIR YEEZY II shoe

Take Michael Kors for instance, a well established and affluent line that you can now find every female, of any age and status, adorned in. Every woman includes high school age and the struggling college student, by the way. Nothing is wrong with Michael Kors, the brand. In fact, his bags, shoes, clothing, and jewelry are quite nice. But, it seems that what is talked about in songs most often impacts the urban world’s fashion sense. Lyrics speak, they increase sales too. Parents can be found rushing out to get their preteen with subpar grades $150 jeans. This isn’t a new trend, but possibly the continued cycle of seeking labels merely for validation.

Kanye West’s DW shoe line

The questions can even be posed, why not Jill Milan or a Bottega Venetag bag as the must haves? Why Gucci or Dior? Because they’re talked about more? Why does it even have to be high end, and in a lot of cases, a knockoff? Faking it to fit in seems to come in all sizes and styles. Many in the young and fly demographic are missing the concept that real style is authentic.

Yes, authentic, as in your own take on what a look should be about, down to the tag, or most times the lack of an expensive one.

Tawni Fears is a freelance writer and contributor to Follow her on Twitter (@brwnsugaT).



  • water_ur_seeds

    i hate seeing women with gucci or louis bags, its usually women who dont know schitt about fashion and follow what they hear on tunes or tv,and want to look cool but come across tasteless, and half the time they are fake, and if they are real people think they are fake lol stylish women buy bags that half these tacky women dont know, like mulberry etc 

    its different for dudes, i got a louis keepall i use for the gym, i must of had whole in my head for spending that much, but i use it everyday so i get my moneys worth lol

  • Nice read and yes I agree with Tawni Fears on this article. I feel fashion is overrated, it’s all about what TV, internet, music, your favorite rapper, actor…well you get the idea tell you is hot. For me fashion has and always will be WHAT I WANT to wear, what I deem is hot or not. To many people want to rock what they were told is “In style” instead of choosing for themselves but theses same people quick to say “I wear what I wanna wear, I don’t need nobody tellin’ me what to wear!” Fashion = individuality, unique and appealing to you, not everybody rocking the same shoes, shirts, heels, bags, etc. because they were programmed too. 

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