BREAKING NEWS: Beanie Sigel Arrested On Gun, Drug Charges

(AllHipHop News) Beanie Sigel and a friend have been arrested on gun and drug charges, after a traffic stop on I-95 in Tinicum Township, Pennsylvania, police have revealed.

According to police, Beanie Sigel was a passenger in a Ford Fusion driven by an associate named Gerald Andrews.

A little after 3:00 AM, the police pulled the Ford over for following another vehicle to closely, in addition to swerving out of its own lane.

During a search of the car, police found prescription bottles, pills and plastic bags.

When policed search Beanie Sigel, the rapper had allegedly had bottle of codeine syrup, in addition to $4,650 cash.

Police also said that a deeper search of the vehicle turned up a gun in the center console. Beanie Sigel and Gerald Andrews have been charged with drugs and weapons violations.

The arrest comes just one day after the release of his latest album This Time.

In September, Beanie Sigel will begin serving two years in prison, for failing to pay income on $1 million in taxes.

  • 7yoyo7

    Looks like he bought himself some extra vacation in prison….

  • Adrian Barron

    “that lean is my twist”

    Ford “Focus” though – how ironic lol

    • Ford Fusion, dude. fusion. so yeah maybe u should “focus” a lil more. how ironic lol

      • Adrian Barron

        fusion – focus – fukkyou – a fusion aint nothing but a REVAMPED focus

      • but its a fusion, not a focus so focus.

      • Adrian Barron

        you as weak as yo comeback’s – man move around somewhere – yo shyt is BORING

      • i rememebr my 2nd beer.

      • Celz

        No it’s not. Just admit you wrong fam lol

      • Adrian Barron

        word lol (wrong as a MF) but them shyts is one in the same – them little azz cars i guess the fusion is the better of the two but you still gotta scoot the seat back damn near into the trunk just to be comfy – they both prolly $29 a week for rental

        thats like seeing a MERCURY SABLE and calling it a FORD TAURUS
        them shyts is identically UGLY lol

      • Bawahahahaaaa!

      • Tony G.

        What difference does the car make

      • none.

    • Kevin Farley

      most likely a rental and he wasnt its prob good on gas he’s been up and down the east coast promotin the past few weeks

    • AKA Sharpcrease27

      I remember him doing an article in Rides about his Quattroporte. Damn what happened.

  • TruthSerum

    SMH, Beans is one of my favorite artists but do they make idiots any bigger then this??

    And then he’ll run around and cry because Jay won’t answer his calls, in all honesty if I were in Jigga’s position I wouldn’t have a self destructive loser like this in my circle either, people like Beans bring trouble on themselves and then try and point fingers and blame others.

    People will be crying about why he got pulled to try and bring a racial element into it but even if that’s true the fact still remains that he was riding in a car carrying drugs & a gun knowing damn well he’s a convicted felon.

    Guess there goes that Scarface Collabo, SMH

    The Truth, The Reason & The B Coming are still incredible albums, Beans never got his just due in the game

    • Adrian Barron

      i dunno my man – it just aint in me to turn my back on niggahs that’s LOYAL to me regardless of how idiotic there decisions look like on the outside – especially if i knew from jumpstreet that the niggah was a LIABILITY of sorts – i got a few homies that’s old enuff to know better and true enuff i aint on it like that no more so i give’m they space – but lettah niggah call me on some I NEED SOME HELP (only within reason) im’ma help him out regardless if i like it or not – HE DEFINITELY GONNA GET CHECKED FOR IT but i still got his back regardless but hell even JIGGA got pulled over riding dirty – regardless of how CLEAN you are you still can get hemmed up on some unexpected shyt – plus BEANS dont have that JIGGA money or STAR QUALITY to hire bodyguards or young niggahs or to wash a case away .. and at the end of the day you still WOULD RATHER BE CAUGHT W/ THAN W/O RIGHT

      the shyt that stix out to me aint the riding dirty – its the fact that he PROLLY wasnt coming from a show – he out at 3am – while he should be at the studio working or at home with the babies

      • TruthSerum

        I feel that, I got friends from way back that act like this and in a case like they needed some help for their kids or whatever I would take the call….. but I wouldnt stick my neck out for them either. I had a friend got out of jail once and asked me to get him a job, 4 months later the security cameras caught him stealing from the register, and I look like the bad guy…… Thats how I see Beans & Jay, Jigga gave him a deal and took him out the streets but Beans kept going back and doing dumb ishh anyway over and over…… After a while you gotta let that dude go

      • Adrian Barron

        thats real tho – i be damn if i jeopardize mine for the sake of his – i send my niggahs like that to the CUSTOMER SERVICE jobs cuz i know they like to schmoke weed in the parking lot type shyt LOL – dont bring that shyt my way – but my dudes that know how to STRADDLE THAT FENCE for a lack of better terms i try my best to put’em on

      • Sosa_Limone

        i feel you cuz… nothing is more important than loyalty in a friendship, but there comes a time when people start getting older, they get careers, families, responsibilities, etc… i cant afford to run with the same circle i did 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago. some people grow up and some pple dont. beans never grew up, he was a liability to jigga and jigga had to let him go. loyalty is one thing, but when someone in your cirlce is endangering your livlihood than it aint a good look. for example, i am a teacher now, i cant do the same thigns i used to do or i will lose my license. certain people i had to step away from, its not that iam disloyal, but just bc you stuck dont mean gettin stuck. just a couple weeks ago i was kickin it with one of my homeys that i had to step away from, we were just catching up and kickin it and then we decided to drive crosstown to see one of my cousin. hes twisted so iam driving. i get pulled over for a broken brake light, and as the cop is walkin over to me, he says “just be cool with the cops, i got the wratchet on me and some ecstacy and coke in my pocket” … i had asked him before and he said he was done with that ish… thank god the cop didnt search us, but if he wouldve i would have lost everythign I worked my whole life for (my teaching license) point is you cant help somebody if they dont want to be helped and if your boys are doing things that are detrimental to you, then they the ones being disloyal. Jay aint a disloyal dude… loook what he did with memphis bleek. He took bleek out of the projects when dude wass like 14 years old. he gave him a career. bleek was buzzin for a while, but now he is pretty much irrelevant (i still ilke him though)… jay still uses him as his hypeman at almost every show. everywhere jay goes, he brings bleek with him.

      • Adrian Barron

        good comparison on how he handle BLEEK vs how he handle BEANZ but some extra things to consider — BLEEK is from his same block same city – and aint no where near the PROBLEM beanz was – dude really a G – bleek just repped well and rapped about it – still JAY cutting beans water off i can understand becuz at some point he was becoming a liability more than an asset – but BEANS did more riding for jay than bleek ever could – saved kanye azz and gave the whole ROC credibility and muscle – that alone was the ROC’s saving grace after Jay’s lyrical/marketability – thats why they put him in that BOSS position with state prop cuz bleek was just a niggah signed at that point – nobody really was checking for dude after his REASONABLE DOUBT feature

        jay sent the niggah back to jail when he could have took the niggah on tour and gv him a last chance to feed his family – he could have cut him off the right way – after one last run – cuz beans was definitely going to jail for the attempted murder – then he called the police on the niggah at the POWERHOUSE concert in philly on some coward shyt — thats what made me look at dude like IS THIS THE SAME NIGGA SCREAMING ROC LA FAMILIA ??!?!?!

        either way – a good thing never last long and sometimes you gotta cut niggas short to become what you need to become – but turning coat and turning back aint never condoned

      • Sosa_Limone

        yeah i feel you… i remember back in teh day when jay told the judge he didnt want to be responsible for beans and didnt want him to come on tour with him i thought it was mad grimey of him, but at that time jay was trying to build his brand, he was already moving away from that gangsta ish and really started moving towards being the jayz he is now.. besides who knows what type of relationship they had at that point, maybe jay had already given him his “last chance”. bleek lived in the same buildng as jay, i dont thnk bleek ever got in trouble like that bc he understood what jay was doing for him and appreciated it. he didnt wanna mess up a good thing, so he put that street ish to the side and fell in line. beanz wants to keep it a hunnid, thats cool but he has to reap what he sows. bleek brought street cred but he just never had the lyrical ability beans did. beans never went platinum though. and even jay said nobody has been given more than beanie with accomplishing as little as he did… jay got him his own crew, his own label, his own clothing line, i think SP might even have had a sneaker back in the day. Jay set beans up to move forward but beans tripped himself up too many times. he was an absolute beast though I still remember that diss on jada “Iam gonna son kiss like the soda” haha that joint had me rolling. callin the cops was some cowardly stuff though at that concert.

      • Damn, you 2 should have wrote the editorial on this. Good read!
        Prediction ( On My Dior ‘chet )
        Driver takes the hammer. beans takes the syrup & pills or driver takes it all, Lesson / Message : Trunk It

      • Sosa_Limone

        lol good lookin fam..

  • scullyson

    Can you say adios amigo? Think its way too late in the game for beanie to grow up. smh ..He is his own worst enemy.

    • Adrian Barron

      some bruvahs just stuck in that mind frame – that 2nd, 3rd, 4th childhood – niggah been on his own since he was 13 with no real guidance but the STREETS — he one of them dudes that the teacher was right about AINT NEVER GONNA BE SHYT – but he was able to find moderate success, pen several classics, entertain us when he handed JADA the business, put out a couple movies, and run a clothing line — not bad for a niggah that seems to never catch on

      • scullyson

        Right we all know one or two that fit that description. Cant argue wit that one champ. you hit the nail on the head.

    • I agree

  • OaklandOxymoron

    Smh.. Damn Beans…

  • jbworldwide1

    “Beanie Sigel will begin serving FIVE years in prison” fixed it for ya…

    • johnblacksad

      lol/no lol… u kno u wrong 4 dat!

  • I was right about him…Remember the last interview that he did that was posted here…You all bashed me from saying that he seemed high and drunk in the interview…But you all felt as if I was a hater…Now I see this and laugh at you all…Point is Beans is a dirt bag, that Jay-z left for dead for a reason…This is obviously a reason

    • Adrian Barron

      I WAS RIGHT – I WAS RIGHT – man move around – it dont take a genius to know this niggah on the edge of obscurity – you want some points NIGGAH then go find a cure for yo’ RETARDATION

      • You’re an idiot…I just proved myself to not be just a random blogger that just clog websites up with bullshit..I actually know what I am talking about.And I do it in a very respectful way..I suggest you try it as well.

      • digitallife

        Ok, well please enlighten us as to how you get your information fam. Anyone can say “I know what i’m talking about” without it being true. Jay has a history of using people and turn his back on them when it’s time to do it back..beans can be credited from saving jay a ton of bumps and bruises because before beans jay was a mark in nyc.

      • Slaughtr


      • I get my information from reading and attending major industry events…I am Hip-Hop…I follow all artists whether I personally like them or not because if I am asked why don’t I support an artist I can ALWAYS state a realistic reason why I personally don’t like and or support them…Secondly there are too many people here who mistakenly think that because you don’t support an artist you are automatically “Hating”…Beans for example is a great MC but he is a leech that thinks that because he has skills he can sit on his ass and look for hand-outs…Say what you want about Jay-z but Jay had these does paid back in the day, and Beans obviously thought that Jay-z was going to have him on a payroll for the rest of his life.. Beans is wrong for that you are a grown ass man, Jay-Z gave him a great opportunity to grow and build his own empire, and instead he blow it all away on strippers, jewelry, cars and Liquor–not realizing that such items are highly expensive, with very low re-sale value, and highly addictive…Look I could go on and on-point is Beans and other people who Jay left for dead are proof that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t force them to drink it.

      • digitallife

        Nothing you said proves you know what you are talking about…just saying…respect your right to an opinion but what you lay as facts has to have a legit source to be true…a source you can produce for when asked

      • This is about Beans, not about me…Stop reaching

      • Contraverse77

        Although I appreciate your informative comments, the truth of the matter is that Beans has always been reckless and a liability. I mean c’mon do you think any smart person would finance that! Jay made a business decision and guess what, he won.

      • I agree with you.

      • Weedras

        “before beans jay was a mark in nyc” don’t know where you get your information from but tou don’t know what your talking about…

      • digitallife

        Really…because getting guns waved by fat joe in your face doesn’t make you the biggest herb in the game…look it up…jay sold y’all a crack dealer past fantasy…jay been rapping professionally since 15 with jaz and the bdk…when exactly did jay have time to be moving bricks? Real ogs from bk have called him out about it, only to years later come back like Ahh yeah he used to ride in the car with me…(hmmmm you sitting in jail,doing 30 years…a few dollars tossed your way can change up your story)…nobody but Memphis bleak has openly said jay sold drugs..bdk is a 5% and would not let that corpse around him…jay was a hype man all them years he says he was working hotels in bmore and s.c. Jay has always been an industRy dude…that’s why he fits in so well…jay and every other NYC rapper was paying for protection until k biggs came into the picture…just a history lesson cuz…

      • Adrian Barron

        and azzhole sounds better – than idiot

      • Adrian Barron

        look here NUMB NUTS every person that responded is a RANDOM BLOGGER – difference is that some of YOU are on mama’s couch and some of US are at work getting paid to post RANDOM OPINIONS

        2nd i posted up a chill little reaction on that HOPSIN or whoever da phuck rumor post about how “i tuned him out because of those THRILLER contacts” and you hopped on my JOHNSON

        stay in yo square biz and outta a players biz – n we will be good
        i might even co-sign something logical you comment on BUT only if i agree

        lastly if you were as respectful as you claim then you wouldnt be calling a niggah you never dealt with, exchanged words, mean mugs, money with, typestyles, or freestyles with DIRTBAG – especially when he was solely responsible for giving at least 7 niggahs fresh out the belly of the beast opp’s/chances to feed they kids instead of running up in a square niggahs pockets such as urself – yeah he made and makes hella mistakes but i know a niggah that saved my life from a downward spiral that’s in the same predicament – and the point is no matter how much money they made/phucked off they still will give they last red cent and/or risk they own freedom to save another niggahs azz or to help ANYONE out in need – thats not what i call a DIRTBAG – Mr. Respectful

        just like you thought the name DIOR was cool for a man – BEANZ prolly thought riding dirty was just as cool

      • Richie_Ochoa

        Ha Ha good one with the Dior comment

      • Man, Fugg Yo’ COUCH! I ain’t no random Blogger!
        >>PAUSES after realizing that I actually am : )

        Wait, I take that back! As you were, you may finish digging all up in Dior’s Buttcheekz!

      • I have a hard time reading things that you write…Look I am not here to battle with any one of ya…A great convo is great, but I rather to express myself and just keep it moving.

      • Adrian Barron

        you dont make a lot of sense – you claim you have a hard time reading it but it seems real easy for you to respond

        DIOR is still a females name <<< respond to that

      • mike malarkey

        u prolly planted that shit on him

      • Southcidal

        Calling the man a dirt bag is respectful? Huh? Once again, if you don’t know the man personally don’t give such firm statements on his personal life, just comment on his work, becuase really that’s all we know about these dudes, well we know he’s been arrested, again.
        But Beanie is too old and been in the game too long to be driving recklessly while he knows that he is hot. Even if you are high out of your mind you know you can’t give them probable cause.

    • Celz

      What you want a cookie? If predicting a known thug going to jail is a major achievement for you then you need to do some soul searching just as bad as Beanie…

      Beanie always been reckless and thuggin. I was hopin he got his act together; but in the reality of it all what he does has no effect on me besides me having to get good music from one more source.

    • Southcidal

      Jay Z was cool with Beans when he was protecting his neck for him huh? I thought the Roc was more than just business. You don’t leave “friends” for dead no matter what. Do you know what Beanie said when Dame and Jay fell out? It was like choosing between two brothers. Loyalty is dead. PhuckNiggaz have officially taken over.


    • Tony G.

      A car

    • A Honda accord made by Ford ( F.ix O.r R.epair D.aily )

  • driving around PA huh… there was just a home invasion there a couple days ago where my boy lives a few houses down from… makes u think.. lol..

    • Adrian Barron

      shut yo FARMTOWN azz up – aint nobody running up in your boy’s chicken coup trying to rob him for his fowl or tip over his cows or steal his barrell of hay- talking about MAKES YOU THINK – man gtfo with that weirdo shyt

    • Suava

      you a bitch ass nigga

    • $28825362

      Damn just gon get on AHH and dry snitch. Bawhahahahaha

      • Guest

        go n fix ya culture brah.

      • i dont think u inderstand what dry snitching is… i didnt say anything no ones knows about that shit was on the news.. and if anyone is dry snicthing its AHH postin that damn article about beans airing his ish out.. so at least get ya terminology correct homeboy

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  • brotha_man

    I threw in the towel on this negro some ppl just dont get it.
    *checking my come back to rap list* (sigh) ….. Xzibit *look up, look left, look right*… there is an Xzibit. please sir come to the front of the line its your turn. Please exit stage left and start making music.

    • Adrian Barron

      yeah i want X to tha Z to do something – i know uncle same was on that niggah helmet a few yrs back – but er’once in a while i wanna hear that OLE ENGLISH from Games Doc Advocate album – i cant never press eject without hearing X’z verse on that CA Vacation track

      “from what i seen, RED N BLUE make GREEN
      black wallstreet and XO lean”

  • brotha_man

    know his paper thin rolling roun’ in a ford fusion

  • Romia Blue

    this dude is a failure. point blank period. TWO WEEKS before you about to go in, you say phuck it…i’mma stay ignorant on some unnecessary ish. Syrup, guns, and drugs…

    • Yes and any fan who supports him is just as bad.

      • Kevin Farley

        who supports an artist who’s a regular person like me?i aint puttin money on his books or anything but i support him.he’s caught up in the revolvin door of drug addiction and the court system.that dont make him a bad person it could be your son, father, brother, or cousin.not to mention he’s a great lyricist who also throws in some conscious material

    • johnblacksad

      damn, it’s hard to admit we are talkin about Beans

  • Just Rockwell

    Im so disappointed with Beans. He was just on the radio talkin’ smack about how they couldnt make the other charges stick on him, so they had to do the Al Capone way and get him on taxes…. Well this isnt taxes, this is just another dumb rapper. Im so tired of people making excuses for ignorance. Beans lost big time with this. How DUMB can you be.

    • Adrian Barron

      yeah i heard that interview – that lean had him damn near nodding to sleep
      slurring words talking all slow – i do wanna hear that MACK n BRAD and that KISS THE MACK but them shyts prolly aint never gonna see daylight

  • FvckYoLife

    Damn beans fvcked up this time I guess he was sippin too much purple rain. His callaborator gettin days in his honor and he gettin back to back sentences. Smh

  • Suava

    i really dont think the gun was his

  • digitallife

    All the talent in the world..just can’t leave the streets alone..see you in ten years beans..

  • water_ur_seeds

    he released an album? needed more promotion on that schitt, shame to see beans wasting his talents… the new dmx?

    • Adrian Barron

      my bwoy = what gwan?
      i hope/doubt it wasnt for publicity or promotion cuz he dont need it
      that B.Coming went GOLD no promo no nothing while he was locked
      plus he dont strike me as the type to do some female shyt like that

      think niggah just got bad luck and karma catching up – i mean the niggah
      did really “take the police to war in 94” before signing with the ROC

      • water_ur_seeds

        nah im not saying he did it for promo… im just saying he needed more promo, i didnt know he dropped this album lol he stuck being famous with seemingly not alot of money, and street cats thinking he got some sort of money, thats the worst, having to role with burner and doing illegal schitt to get money, which makes him more bait to police and people… hope he can sort himself out…

  • King Cold

    when it rains it pours….smh..

  • I guess he is on that lean! I seen a million comments from cats defending him talking about “they’re not aloud to mess with that in Philly”… Yeah OK! Tell that beans. It makes me laugh when you see people commenting about a rappers life but never been around him or anyone he knows a day in their life! #Clowns

  • dominicancoke

    Leave the spic and n#gger mentality in the past my minority brothers! People.who come from humble next to nothing beginings like beanie should of used their minds to build and grow look at jay z or 50 or dre you dont see them gettung caught up with this pathetic bull shit. There is dudes who whent to harvard who have never seen the money beans saw during his prime what do these ignorant rappers do? Buy shit beyond their means.i worked for rich people in nj back in 05 they laughed hard at rappers with ice grills and big chains one lady told me they look like mascots blacks and latinos need to start investing like jews these law system smiles when ever they stop,aminority whos making it from making it wayne ross and all of the mascots you see on videos make some old jew 25 tims richer than they are

    • Yeah, I agree—This stuff has to stop, but it won’t until these silly fans stop thinking that it’s okay to support an artist with such negative behavior.

      • clay113

        I agree completely. There is too much supporting brothers doing dumb shit like that’s the way to live life. I’m wondering is this what the civil rights movement fought for? Our right to idolize going to jail, selling drugs, and other bafoonery? Until we break the mentality of giving this behavior praise we are never gonna move forward as a people.

      • Southcidal

        You support only properly behaving artists? Or just the ones that don’t get caught? And hasn’t both Jay and Fif both had run ins with the law since they’ve made it as artists? Didn’t Jay stab a dude? And didn’t Fif alledgedly burn down a house? Get off your high horse lil daddy.
        As for Beans, there’s a reason dude was riding with him, he’s the goat. He’ll take the gun charge and the syrup if he can. And Beans will have a nice little token of appreciation for him when he comes home. LOYALTY.
        As for Jay, I think Beyonce put an end to the Biggs/Dame/Jay partnership and saw to it that Jay get all of the thug types out of the circle. That’s why only Kanye remained. And now Gweneth Paltrow and the Coldplay dude is a member of the JiggaMan’s click. LMAO! But then again, I’m on the outside looking in on an artist’s personal life.

    • VonClay

      Great advise Dominican COKE

  • disqus_kfj2UC2T9z

    DMX Part 2

  • Dee

    Everybody saying Beans fucked up but for one he wasn’t driving and on none of the sites that reported it never mention what was the reason they search the car. So it’s a good chance they will drop them bullshit ass charges.

    • In NY? Yeah, not Pa..It’s a Commonwealth. Laws are different, so is the system.

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  • Damn beans!! Thought you was smarter than that my G. I saw him on hot 97 that nigga was leaning. I guess he was trying to get it in before that bid!!

  • Fusion huh…….(takes sip of juice)…….(shrugs)…..better than I thought it would have been…..could have been my mans beans on I-95 skateboarding doing flip kicks and shit….dropping pills and spilling his medicine drink on the streets juggling microphones…

  • Dointer

    Breaking news???? more like expected news

  • thaGOD83

    i like to look at things differently…YES he is wrong for having DRANK, and pills, or whatever…but yall missed a key element…dude was in a FORD FUSION, meaning he was trying to be lokey…if you look at the pic, dude had on no jewelry….so how can it be a TRAFFIC STOP, when there are tens of thousands of cars, and it wasnt like he was in a caprice on 24’s….how did they pull him over…if he has a good/great lawyer he can fight the whole reason he was pulled over….if he had 8 dead pit bulls in the trunk, why did they pull him over anyways…they stay pulling these moves, and folks defend the LAW of all things…AGAIN he was wrong for having whatever on him…but as we, and HE should know, they are WATCHING him and every rapper, esp the ones that speak they mind, and BUCK the system……like young buck, they went to his house and found NO drugs, but found a broke gun, with no fingerprints…come on mane…this is bs…..did the laws know early on that was beanie, the car didnt smell like smoke, so wtf are they searching….this whole story has holes in it….and its whack how folks be on some LOCK him up shit when ALL yall could be done the exact same way…dude aint no molester, he going in because of this fluke tax system anyways…and its funny, when you obeying orders, following rules, you never hear of an entertainer having tax issues….when they fall of, esp the ones like lauryn hill that refuse to conform,here comes the tax man…wack system that is quickly falling….i hope beanie beats this charge on that suspect traffic that case, this can happen to any1…why dont puff, kanye, etc have traffic stops….somehow birdman be on worldstar smoking out the pound in his bus, never heard of them getting pulled over..and THEY know where these so called stars are at all times….yet beanie gets pulled over in a fusion..maybe yall co sign this bs but i dont and never will….f%%% the system

    • Come on man…Stop it…If you are over 25 and you know that you are driving dirty, then you should know their is a great chance that you will get caught. Period

      • thaGOD83

        mane if you read my post, i said, he messed up riding dirty as we point was…dude was in a fusion, being lo key, and what is the traffic stop that they always say when they pull over some1..thats all

    • johnblacksad

      definitely wouldn’t be surprised if the hip hop police behind it…

  • Pierre Elliott


  • Pierre Elliott


  • Weedras

    Damn! Beans shit was looking up for you and instead of getting your house in order you pushed yourself into the abyss…smh

  • so…

    Man and i just saw you on the breakfast club ….SMFU

  • johnblacksad

    Can’t cry over spilled Beans

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  • Thats crazz @Globalhhb

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