Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Missy Elliott On The Comeback Trail?

Even though Drake has excluded her from the Aaliyah posthumous album, that is not stopping Missy Elliott from going back into the studio and making music. The talented producer and artist is rumored to have been hard at work at the studio dishing up some new music for herself. According to Timbaland, Missy is gearing up to release two singles. Check out what he tweeted below:

Missy has taken a back seat from music for about seven years. Her last solo release was in 2005, the Gold-certified, The Cookbook. Are you checking for new music from Missy Elliott?

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  • Guest

    We NEED Missy right now.

    • anemia716

      I know that’s right. Best believe I’ll be supporting her!

  • Adrian Barron

    hope she’s back in good health

  • Alf Capone

    might be too late


    Drake should be killed for that one. Just because he is exec producing the album I hope it fails

  • i fvck with missy..she was always creative, talented, and original

  • brotha_man

    blame drake and nikki for this one. Missy got tired of sitting on the couch collecting $$$ watching the rap game get ran by lames. Lames include YCMB, ASAP Mob, MGK, all white female rappers, and that Keef fellow

    • ASAP rocky cool…his crew iight but come off as wack at times….they go hard when they want….the rest is garbage!

  • I wish her the best. She always came up with something original. We all could need that now.

  • Jonathan Cephas

    Been a huge fan of Missy for years.. Supreme talent.

  • King Cold

    judging from the lil joints shes been featured on in the past few years…i know she’ll be back with a bang

  • dominicancoke

    You got to know when to bow down gracefully and accept that those days are gone.not that I am a nikki fan in no shape form or fashion but she jack kim and missy style and ran with it and honestly she look better than both one was never atractive one is a michael jackson clone her face aint cute tho

    • King Cold

      you trippin. without a timbaland beat nicki cant jack missy especially bar for bar. watch missy come back and take that throne

  • that’s all we need more pop and less hip hop

    • anemia716

      Missy Elliott was never pop. She’s had, and still has her own lane. Know what you’re talking about before you type.

  • Negro Peligro

    This rumor was sponsored by the Missys Label.

    • anemia716


  • Best female rapper!!! one of the best rappers of all time!!!

  • Missy should have never left. Drake is a fool for not including her & Timbo.
    Drake’s version = Fail

  • VentKing11

    I would definitely welcome Missy back. That would be a breath of fresh real hip hop air. It would be better than that pop puke neon colored too much makeup and pastel color wearing talking like the needle broke da da da da da da wack clothes wearing sellout ish Shitty Minaj is putting out that’s killing the game.

  • johnblacksad

    ‘Get your freak on’ is the song i hate the most in the universe. That beat is the most horrible/repetitive sh!t i ever heard in my life.
    Besides that… Missy is clear in my book… i even got the feel she can still put out major hits!

  • I hope she brings that under construction sound back, Missy is too talented to be sitting back.

  • YESSS! i hope she stays well for a very long time. so glad she’s back! i heard the snippet of Triple Threat and it is sick