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Hip-Hop Rumors: Who Will Be The New Couple On "Love and Hip-Hop ATL"?

Damn, the world may never recover from the disappointment! There were rumors that Soulja Boy and Diamond were going to be the next couple to join the ratcheness known as “Love and Hip-Hop ATL”. Well, that’s not going to happen, says Diamond on Twitter. Damn. That sucks. Oh, wait. What I am thinking. That’s the best news since realizing you could put jelly on toast. I wonder who they are going to get on it to set the race back? LOL!!! Does Gucci Mane have a girlfriend? I think he should be on there, because he may push somebody out of the car again. And, if he did that, the ratings would be really high, higher than Gucci!

“Hey, Soulja…I know I dated Scrappy…but…you think we should try this? We could get some more mula.”

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  • Alf Capone

    aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww shhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiittttttt!!!!!!!!!……….iiii dooonnnttt waaaattcchhh tthhhiiisss shhoowwww!!!!!

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  • 2 watches, beepers, chainz, bracelets, pants, etc, all = Corny!

    You know the time, back in the day, big, hollow chain, two cloned / burn out motorola flip phones, two beepers, etc.

    Who remembers Burn Out phones? back when it was like $4 a minute? Who remembers the phones that worked off a car battery & back packers used motorcycle batteries to power them? LOL

    SMDH @ Balling Uncontrollably in the ’80’s & literally, needing a back pack for a phone!

    LOL – Them ‘chets came in briefcases!

    • Carlos

      Your not alone,lol I remember. My first cellphone looked like a walkie talkie, 50 cent a minute, no free nothing, Once i got my first bil for 400 dollars, I kept it off and used my beeper to receive the phone calls and i would be at the payphone even though i had a cell phone on me. Anyone remember pay phones?

      • Them white walkie talkie jawnts was like 93? State of the art back then, I remember payphones…..back when you could recieve a call on them! LOL

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