Kendrick Lamar

Hip-Hop Rumors: What Female Rapper Is Kendrick Going To Sign?

I know this is coming off like Kendrick Day at AllHipHop, but the rumors don’t stop for no man…or site.

OK, so there is this whole big buzz that Kendrick Lamar is going to sign some female rapper from New York! Who could it be? I really do need your help with this one, because I am totally clueless. Here is the thing, I know its not that big of a secret because Ms. Info mentioned it.

You people are better at this than me when it comes down to it. So, who could it be? From New York

Hip-Hop Rumors: Kendrick Lamar Wanted Papoose!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Tre C

    is that who he was talking about on the U.O.E.N.O. remix?

  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    hopefully someone good. Kendricks one of the few quality artists out right now

  • Robert Fukouttahere Grafton

    I bet it’s Remy Martin

  • om3n78

    dude 1st cd nice only bumped it 4 two weeks aint thought about it since real shyt aint no1 checkn 4 his new cd just like jcole

    • Tre C

      so what did you listen to for longer than two weeks. And name music that came out in the last year, not that typical Hip Hop answer “reasonable doubt, etc”. And who are you actually checking for?

      • mic tyson… domo genesis and alchemist… roc marciano reloaded… action bronson rare chandeliers….. killa priest….. i can continue…

    • Jeff Active Reynolds

      u trippin on sayin no one checkin on him.



  • Guest

    Is it Ja Rule

  • Brainiac1ne

    All I got to say is that K.Dot can’t sign nobody, TDE is Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith label.

    • tha OG

      True real talk

  • A.C. Says 10%

    nitty scott mc

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  • I spoke to a rep at TDE this evening. He is signing a female emcee named Jamie Summers. She is a 22 year old spitta from Brooklyn.

  • dominicancoke

    long live the lyricist knowledge reigns supreme..

    To hell is where im sending these lames they always calling me names..let me reframe that first line they only calling me strange.. silent like a deaf mute so they guess hes insane..i whip that guage out blow cartriges like a genesis game.. menace in pain i probably done the dirt that u rap about.. they get merked when i clap em out like max payne with 2 rachets out..u the herb that i laugh about u got teeth ima slap em out..this aint a ufc match why the f*ck are you tappin out?..i’ll have hot barrel kissing u from life i’ll be dismissing u..l have your family missing you can’t u tell i that i’m missing screws?..kidnnap your mens and them i’ll leave them f*ggots missing too..dramatic make u food for maggots voices that i listen to..inside my head i need a shrink but i refuse the facts..i meant i ignore them aint no rachet ima use a bat..shoot at me i’ll shoot ya back punch me get ya knuckles cracked..this all could be avoided if u tell me where that duffle at..

  • ¥Serino¥

    lol kendrick cant sign nobody hes an artist himself..i can write better shit than this..

  • azealia banks most likely

  • Ike’s Mood


  • MassConglom

    Angel Haze.

    • Intergalactic Ross Royce

      not from NY but that would be dope

  • Blaq_Boi

    All respect due to Kendrick, but I can’t see this dude offering guidance to other artists. Just cause you’re a good jnr don’t mean u need to start acting snr. We can’t all be leaders.

  • AK

    jay rock is the main guy in tde he let kendrick take over with his hype but yeah tde will forever be jrock kendrick soul and q


    Lore’l? O_o

  • mike malarkey

    ur mother

  • Lil mama

  • bicedidit


    • brotha_man

      that would be dope

  • Golgo 13

    never knew he had his own label and if this is true i bet this female rapper never comes out with a album

  • Negro Peligro

    ASAP Rocky Alter Skirt Wearing Ego.

  • eiroc55

    Obviously if he let papoose ruin summer jam on his time then it would make the most sense of signing his wife Remy Ma.. She was a beast before she went to jail and Pap said shes getting out soon..Only chic in my opinion that could take some shyne from Nicki who has the girl game on smash

    • disqus_8BgtXynsEW

      do me a favor and look at http://www.3dnatee dot com…. if she is not better than nikki and 99% of all dudes out, I will denounce my U.S. citizenship

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  • disqus_8BgtXynsEW

    http://www.3dnatee dot com…. she is better than most male artists… definitely would smash any female artist… if i am wrong let me know… Timbaland tried to sign her, but the contract wasnt right… She also was on Sway in tthe morning with Kendrick

    • rin

      only problem is 3dnatee isnt from new york but i could def see her fitting in with TDE

  • Georgios Renieris

    I remember a time when I actually cared about who signed to what label but most of the time when the hype of it died down nothing ever happened with it so it doesn’t even matter to me anymore. Who ever this chick is she will never drop an album.

  • rin

    I dont believe a female rapper will be joining TDE but if it is true TDE will be signing a female rapper from New York im pretty sure it would be Nitty Scott MC

  • rin

    the only two female rappers i could see joining TDE ( if true) is Nitty Scott MC ( from NY) or 3DNatee ( from New Orleans)