Jimme Wallstreet

Emerging Rapper Jimme Wallstreet Shot and Killed Today in Philadelphia

Emerging rapper and songwriter James “Jimme Wallstreet” Davis was shot and killed today in Philadelphia, PA. A native of the city’s Germantown section, Jimme Wallstreet spent his early career under the tutelage of 50 Cent and the G-Unit Family. In the past year, he was signed to a production deal under DJ Don Cannon and was set to release an album under the deal’s terms.

Jimme most recently debuted an acclaimed mixtape entitled “Twin Towers” with Trenton rapper, Big Ooh. The two performed just this past weekend at a Stop the Violence Rally in Philadelphia, a city known for having one of the worst rates of gun violence in the country.

Jimme, a member of AllHipHop.com’s Breeding Ground Alumni, leaves behind his parents, six sisters, and a host of industry and neighborhood friends.

DJ Don Cannon sent his condolences on twitter today:

Video: Jimme Wallstreet – Walk On

  • therealest1

    Philly rappers are dying at an alarming rate.

    • king

      No black people are dying at an alarming rate

      • therealest1

        Sad but true.

      • The crime rate is actually down from the 90’s, but it’s getting bad out here.That may be changing

      • Negro Peligro

        We just all happen to rap. I know sensitive arse negro gonna say some no he didn’t.

      • RMfag

        And all we say after is “RIP, this stuff gotta stop. This stuff gotta stop.” So when already?!

      • i’mtelling

        After we listen to Rick Ross selling dope straight out of the boat.

    • Tann01

      What other philly rapper died?

  • MrNoName2K

    R.I.P.. Damn what tha hell is going on in Philly??? Its like the damn wild wild west out there..

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      naw you thinking of chicago, my city is rough but we are not dying in double digits in one day like chicago.

  • dehova

    “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”. This is where it starts. We need to nurture a race of children (and when I say race I mean all) which respects one another and each others boundaries. These extremes of violence only serve the purpose of helping with population control and to destabilize families.
    RIP to this bruddah and sympathies to his family.

    • Pedro Matos Jr.

      Co-sign 100% R.I.P. 2 all the lost souls.

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  • j_darage

    rest in peace snupe n james!!! -i dunno hese niggas but i feel like my own homie got killed. this sht is sad

  • Allen Mcneal

    Both Lil Snupe and Jimme Wallstreet were sacrificed. Today, June 20th is a special day for these demons…Summer Solstice begins tomorrow. They take life of others to gain power. Wake up people…raise your spiritual vibration. Look to God for all things and do no harm to others. Always keep love in your heart. These demons are weak and prey only on the weak.

    • EL_BARK

      They should had never gave you niggahs the internet….

      Who sacrfice jimmy i just curious.?

      & this is coming from a person who has an open mind to conspiracy theroies.
      But its fools like you that make all prople who keep an open mind to real world problems & gov shady shet look likes fools & look bad…..
      9/11 yes…

      You have not one single iidota of proof to back this dumb ass statement…
      U niggahs are sheep yourselves & the power that be put mis info out there like this sacrfices blood ritual shet. To discredit the real shady shet thats going down. U.O.E.N.O…. Dumb asss fools.

      All this crazy sacrfice shet yall talking about in ludacris…

      • Allen Mcneal

        Do you think everything is physical? You are spirit before you are flesh. Blood sacrificing has been done since the beginning of mankind…the Sumerians did it, egyptians, and many others. This war we battle daily is spiritual. The war is between Good and Evil.

      • EL_BARK

        Shaq face.
        What u talking bout willis?

        To be honest all your written facts about how old blood scarficing goes back to is based on secondary evidence…
        & i dont really like getting techincal, cause i am spiritual myself…

        But yet again you did a spin move. I adk you for facts to vack up you claim of blood scsficing that is taking place now in the present. Meaning evidence as in primary sources.???

        But u cant… Right?
        so you stated your response with a retorical question. Smh

        Um just cause it written doesnt mean its an abdolute truth?

        Just like your writing on an website ? With no facts?

        Believe have of what u see & none of shat you hear..

        This is why people who duscribe to a religion have faith. Smh

        So just like what ever internet shet you read that have you thinking blood sacrfices take place like this is present times???

        A fool will bielieve anything if it written. I read that on the internet.

        Thinking i am lying.? Just read a holy book where it states people been sacrficing people or animals for years ? Lol

        That will go over your head.

      • Allen Mcneal

        Understood nothing of what you typed. You are all over the place. The same rituals that were being doing in the beginning to time are being done today. Does not take a rocket scientist to know that. Perhaps you should travel the world, as I have.

      • EL_BARK

        Disquss is messing up & i got mad cause i couldnt edit my post for corrections.

        My point..
        What evidence do you have that states how long, people been making blood sacrifices??? That question 1.

        Question 2. What evidence do you have that proves prople in present day time. Meaning now are offering up their love ones as a blood sacrifice to become rich & famous.

        Question 3. How come music & hip hop artist that are black are the only group of entertainers that are being accused of this…. Also i pointed out in my earlier post a numbers of artist who were rich & famous, despite making a blood sacrfice.
        Lady gaga, justin bieber, taylor swift, nelly, 50 cents, ja-rule,
        Just to name a few..

        Then i stated. All the info you can fine on blood sacrficing evrn the religion books, are consider secondary evidence.
        Which means someone wrote it down??? But that doesnt mean all reasonable doubt is removed, because it was wriiten… Other words if you were not alive 2000 years ago to witness these sacrfices taking place, you cant be 100% they took place.??? Right

        Just like now your stating these rappers make sacfices, but yet you have no proof of it??? So what if the people who wrote these accounts of these sacrfices taking place, in ancient times, were just writing what they think but not having any evidence…… That they took place…..

        Also just cause its written on the nternet doednt mean its true… All of you people that believe this stuff get a majority of your ingo from the internet & youtube video…

        Did people sacrafice animals in smceient times yeah more then likely as a offerering to they god. Did god really ask abraham to sacrafices his son??? The holy books said he did. But really how are we suppose to know??? Did some people prolly make human sacrafices back then.. I wouldnt doubt it….

        Are rappers going around killing tgrir loves ones for acceptance into a secret society, with the promises of fame & money. After already have dome fame & money. I doubt it…

        Your theroy is fundamentally flaw in so many ways.
        Why is it certain rappers have to do this but orhers dont.
        Why white artist & pop stars are exempt for sheeding their love one blood. Is the illuminatti races and only want black blood sacrfices??? Or do they prefer dark meat to go with their blood wine???? If so pass the skull to me. So i can take my sip.
        I will kill my friends for some money. Where do i sign up @?

      • >>Moves away from El in case the Illuminati hands him a hat with my name in it!

      • EL_BARK

        Your video didnt post.
        But i am very educated. Also i stated below that in ancient times people did make sacrfices…
        Now gor tour video your talking about tribal vodoo doctors that practice black magic that still are very less uncivilized & not adpated to modern times….. Also its still crazy people all over,
        So in these tribsl community where these practices have slways been a part of their cultural traditions & beliefs its still takes place…… But these kids are being abducted by derange vodoo doctors… They are not bring sacrfices by THEIR love ones.????? Big differernce. The vodoo doctors are no differernt from the crazy people that kidnapped people and murder them…… Now what i ask for was proof that rappers or people of a civilized cultural that are making blood sacrfices of there LOVE ONES…… The rappers you accussed of making blood donations arent witch doctors?? they might be behind close doors lol. But its a big differernce between them & the people do this in uganda???

        Again all i am asking for you proof that rappers you named had set up their love ones or friends to be murder?
        You cant prove it. So rather than admit that you none, u damce around the other 2 questions i ask you. Lol & smh

        Why are rappers the only one that have to make this alledge blood sacrafice??? Simple question…

      • You mean the illuminant didn’t sacrifice Lil Snupe?

      • EL_BARK

        Do you think they did? Lmao
        Man hell no.. For what????

        What did we learn from juice, ny jack city, & scarface?

        Man i dont fuk with robert. But he sint in no damn illuminatti. & dude wouldnt sacrafice his friend. If he was even approach to join. He would be to damn scared. Lol he not getting into that.
        Nor would he get invited…. Niggah is a rapper from philly what purpose would he serve to extend their agenda.??? Niggah aint even go gold….

      • LOL~N

        >> In Joe Pesci voice : “Ok, Ok, OKAY!”

        I’m done trolling for the day.

    • Reefer Sutherland

      nigga are you trollin?

      • Allen Mcneal

        Just stating the facts.

    • Dointer

      Do not look for god for anything, it merely restricts your capabilities to be a free person. Raise awareness in yourself and in perspectives of others around you. All these terrible things are happening around us and because of us, WE are in control of our futures, not some magical bearded guy in the sky.

      • Allen Mcneal

        God is not flesh, but spirit.

      • Dointer

        God is imagination and an enforcing distraction to less fortunate that one day everything will be ok ………….Its fair to say that we are both Atheists, except the fact that I believe in one “God” less than you…….When you understand why you neglect every other god in the world, you will understand why I refute yours..Stepehen Roberts……….Wake up people

    • king sodomy

      so were all the other people who died on this day also sacraficial lambs or were these two special.that shit you are talking about is retarded .you think youre saying something profound but its just rediculous dribble

      • Allen Mcneal

        All the answers to life are inside of you…but you have to first get rid of all the distractions to hear clearly.

      • king sodomy

        i hope you dont think youre dropping knowledge over here because in reality you my friend are out of your league .these simple minded disqus trolls might be impressed buy your open-ended riddles but they get nowhere with me buddy i know all that i need to know

  • TroN______

    Shoulda moved out of the Slum they were in. All it takes is a down payment on an Apt to get out the Hood… RIP Though. Don’t wish death upon anybody.*

    • Taihair Djehuty

      maybe the dude was broke and still grinding

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      even when you move out the hood, you still go back. shit can happen at any given time. no matter what. Look at 2 chainz… he wasnt in his hood and mufuckas approached him broad day!!!

  • Allen Mcneal

    Stop supporting the evil by purchasing their music. They will not win. The righteous will prevail.

  • Guillaume Pilon

    another one ?????????????

    this b.s. need tos top

    live by the gun die by the gun

    nah who care bout that

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  • Shonnuff

    I quit listing to rap cuz it’s BS you should be focused on your real oppressor instead of killing each other…stupid MF!!!

    • Allen Mcneal


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  • OnlyFaDaReal

    I heard its pretty bad out there in Philadelphia….R.I.P. homie!

  • Wavpin

    HipHop is in crisis … only a few really want to face it!

  • Wavpin

    R.I.P to another talented men… sad

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    As dumb as it seems these websites have the power to unite everyone of every race. Worldstar and YouTube have viewers by the millions and are the perfect examples of using the Internet to our advantage. ENFORCE peace and watch it spread.