Kanye West, J. Cole, & Mac Miller Take Top 3 Spots On Album Chart

(AllHipHop News) It was a great week for Hip Hop are as far as sales go. Kanye West’s Yeezus, J. Cole’s Born Sinner, and Mac Miller’s Watching Movies with the Sound Off each surpassed over 100,000 units in sales for their debut week.

Hits Daily Double is reporting that Yeezus led the pack with 328,800 units sold. Not far behind was Born Sinner with 297,922 copies, and WMWTSO rounded out the top 3 with 101,795.

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This will be Kanye’s 6th number one album. That ties him with Eminem and Nas for the second most number one albums by a rap artist. Kanye’s Watch The Throne collaborator, Jay-Z, holds the record for the rapper with the most #1’s all time with 12.

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There is a good chance a Hip Hop artist could take the top spot on the album chart for the next 2 weeks as well. Maybach Music Group’s Wale just released his third album The Gifted yesterday, and the following week Jay-Z will drop Magna Carta Holy Grail, his first solo LP in four years.

  • TruthHurtsDontIt

    All these rappers who put out a single with the entire industry on it, that had the clubs jumping for a few weeks but didn’t help move any album sales need to take note.

    While i don’t really bump too much of anything from these three artists, they’ve all proven that they know how to make music that connects with their fan base and beyond, making them want to actually purchase it to show support.

    J Cole is anything but some ‘look how much i spent on this’ kinda rapper and overall comes across pretty humble,, yet almost sold as many as the most egotistical and high profile artists in the game.

    Mac Miller makes nothing that will bump in clubs, but sold more in one week completely independently as French has sold in a month on a major.

    Numbers don’t lie. People gotta step they game up to make the masses stay attentive and supportive.

  • Dead wrong

    if they had a return policy for that Yeezus album how many people would bring it back? Born sinner was the truth though.

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  • AK

    Only pure pop fans bought that yeezus and i bet 9/10 were disappointed with that purchase. The other 1/10 were too rich too care..

  • RichFromBX

    Kayne’s – sounded incomplete and unfinished… disappointing

    J.Cole’s – solid album…way different than anything from other cats of his generation…this dude will be around for a while, may not be the most popular with all types of radio hits but sort of like a Mos Def type of career.

    Mac Miller’s – not saying he needs to go to a major label but he would benefit a great deal by having a veteren help guide him a bit – there’s something there…it just needs to be molded and polished a bit more

    • Dead wrong

      co-sign on Ye. He’s getting the genius pass. You’re criticizing the album? It’s because YOU’RE slow and you can’t see into the future. It’s avant-garde on some new new new shyt. You’ll get it in the year 2020. He’s a visionary. Pssshhh. Ye can drop a blank disc and cats will be like, “Dawg, Ye a genius… he called the album “Your thoughts?!”… cause he wanted you to think about your life over the silence…. no beats, no rhymes… NOTHING… the man’s a genius!” nigga please… foh

      • 7yoyo7

        LOL funny shit I agree with.

      • AK

        nah im pretty sure kanye will be more irrelevant as it gets in 2020 and this album will go down as one of the worst ever, if you like it that says a lot about you..

      • Dead wrong

        I agree with YOU, but I’m faux news, I’m just reporting… niggas are actually saying: “Whaat, you don’t like unfinished tracks with bad mixing, machine sounds in the background and Chief Keef’s singing? Kanye is ushering in a new era of rap … Dawg, this sh!t gon’ be off the chain in the year 2034.. just wait my nigga.” …like Michael J. Fox said after he bussed that guitar riff in Back2TF, “Your kids are gonna love it.” …Oh I almost forgot. If you don’t like Yeezus the first time, listen to it 10 more times…

      • Thomas Smith

        What’s that using different genres of music and collectively putting them together one album isn’t genius at all…..how many albums from the 80’s going into the 90’s have use different genres of music and have been successful….let’s see RunDMC there wack right AK? oh i’m sorry I guest the native tongue and Hiero crew are wack too right…smh Oh yeah that mos def guy too…..he’s done it I guest he’s wack too…..oh even LL Cool J has done it!!!! I forgot about him he’s wack too…..

      • AK

        how are you gonna compare run dmc and ll to this hot garbage?? i dont know where you even get that comparison

      • InTheNightKitchen

        Yo I almost died b, LMAO

      • LOL~N @ Blank CD

    • RMfag

      I polished Mac alittle too much….

  • RBG

    i would like to see these 100 thousand people that bought the wack miller album.

    • Dead wrong

      A lot of them are of the Caucasian persuasion I’d assume. I think MM is dope but I don’t really feel the content of any of the these younger MCs with the exception of Cole. He’s wise beyond his years..

      • RBG

        i guess you’re right. i just can’t say that i know of his music. i know i have a track from the funkmaster flex mixtape about a salamander, but i skip that song. these new artists are so bad at times i wouldn’t even download their music illegally.

      • Dead wrong

        Yea I can’t relate to duke. I’m happy for his success though. There’s room for artists from different cultures that express subject matter that I don’t relate to. It keeps this hip-hop thing growing. I love hearing about German, Indian, or Latin MCs rapping in espanol… REALLY,.who ever thought that hip-hop would take it this far?

      • RBG

        i hear that. i listen to some u.k. hip hop. mainly because many of the artists speak like people here in toronto as far as mixing the patois in with their rhymes. also i like how creative they get. sometimes because of accent they are able to rhyme words that have no business rhyming together.

      • RMfag

        Too bad hip-hop doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Although I would argue that the lack of genre rubric and an actual historical origin keeps it from being taken too seriously.

      • Bifsquad3

        How can you call him Wack Miller if you dont know of his music??

      • RBG

        i call him wack cuz i choose not to seek out his music. i heard him do wack freestyles. that was enough for me. the same way that i heard wu tang the first time and said “who are they?” and i went looking, i never had the same drive. when i heard fred the godson the first time, i actively sought out his music online. when i heard jay electronica i went and searched who he was and downloaded his mixtapes. matter of fact… i was and still am dissing him because of his name. at the time i heard of him there was some dude named jay futuristic.

      • RMfag

        Because thats the only way Mac can get off. My boipussy ain’t good enough sometimes.

      • ‘Chet, I wouldn’t even download some it it legally.

      • RMfag

        No, I bought most of them.

    • RMfag

      Or one person by 100,000 albums, I supports my baby!

      • Ro God

        He probably made more money this first week in album sales than Kanye and J.Cole, being independent and all. Props.

  • nustradamous

    Kanye gave us r and b…..rap….hip hop……techno….rant music….heavy metal….punk rock…..all in one album…..the other two strictly hip hop…..and y’all wonder why he sold more…..,j.cole strictly hip hop saying the same shit another rapper had said before…..that Yeesus is the truth….y’all must only heard it once…..

    • RMfag

      It was panned tho.

  • junj03

    I broke the news yesterday on the “Hip-Hop Rumors: Nicki Minaj / Iggy Azalea Beef?” step your game up AHH!

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  • $17637591

    Yeezus is far below standards for Kanye. He had some catchy punch lines but the features didn’t expand his material and the beats were ordinary at best. I dont know why someone in his camp didn’t tell him that shiit wasnt up to par.


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  • kwimby72

    if you listen to other forms of music than you would see Kanye’s album was pretty good on a Global scale he is in competition with Fallout boy he has produced music across the board , J Cole is a humble dude gotta appreciate his grind . Mac Miller has the respect of his fans as well as the industry hell he got Jay Electronica on his album and support from Black Hippy I seen him open for Kendrick Lamar at a festival and he rocked it he is Hip hop with his good week for hip hop in general and not 1 album sounding like the others thats whats up

  • YungKizz

    Yeezus was ight born sinner a classic WMWTSO ALSO A CLASSIC
    YEEZUS beats was just terrible a couple were coo but the others garbage but his is lyrics always on point but congrats to all three of dem

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  • WillVetterGoodin

    mac millers album was very bland, predictable and boring not a classic (2 out of 10) j cole’s album had lyrics but was also very dry and predictable, not classic status with staying power (5 out of 10) and ye’s album was way too auto tuned and whiny, but had the artistic vision to become a classic ( a high 7 out of 10) Staying power is key here and I just do not think that neither miller or cole have it. Plus as I have already stated, j cole is a dick rider.

    • TRELL850

      Lyrics play a big part in a album… and you rating kanye’s album higher than Cole’s is crazy… Kanye’s bars were weak almost the whole album.. Production was innovative but had no feeling, and the theme was just a media ploy… Kanye dropped a wack album… sorry… Cole aint drop a classic IMO but it was better than Kanyes… Way better…

      • ross

        both of you need to hush trell you were going good till you said cole aint drop a classic please nigga take your ears out your ass

  • yamin12345

    kanye’s new album was very diffrent to all other rappers music

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