Future Becomes The Fastest Artist To Earn Three #1 Albums In 50 Years

(AllHipHop News) Future just earned a spot in the history books. With his latest album Evol landing in the top spot on the Billboard 200 chart this week, the Atlanta rhymer became the fastest artist to earn three #1 albums in the last 50 Years.

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Evol reached #1 four months after What A Time To Be Alive. The Future and Drake collaborative project opened at #1 in October. Future scored his very first #1 with DS2 in July. That is only a span of six months and 20 days between his initial #1 album and his third #1 album.

According to Billboard, Future is the fastest act to score three #1 albums since Herb Alpert in 1965 and 1966 with Whipped Cream and Other Delights (November 1965), Going Places (March 1966), and What Now My Love (May 1966). However, the cast of Glee scored three #1 soundtracks in one month and 19 days in 2010, but those titles were not traditional artist-driven albums. In addition, that makes Future the fastest rap artist to three #1 albums in history.

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  • Not hard to do when the music industry is as injured as it is. Shiiiiit…..

    • W.E.B. Du Bois


    • Watever

      I don’t listen to Future, but you can’t say it’s “not hard to do” when it hasn’t been done in 50 years. Whether you like his music on not, whenever someone makes history that’s a big accomplishment.

      • Can’t say it? I just did!😂😂😂

        There are several artists who could pull this off. Drake, Kanye and Jigga all could pull it off if they were stupid enough to try it. But they know it’s not a 50 yard dash. It’s about longevity. Who gives a f^ck about billboard when you can’t sustain your lifestyle after n*ggas stop buying your albums? The only reason Future did it is because he knows his sh*t is on gimmick status and he’s trying to milk it for all it’s worth before his career goes the way of T-Pain. So stop trying to prop this dude up like he’s the truth when the truth is that n*gga is simply trying to run out the clock.

      • Watever

        I’m not trying to do anything but state facts. The fact is that man earned three number ones in six months and no one has done it in 50 years. Whether you like it or not, that’s a fact.

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  • Markus

    After the Super Bowl halftime show and Kendrick on the Grammys,you hope that consciousness makes a return to music. But a large majority of people out there like their entertainment ignorantly fascinating. And this dude has absolutely nothing to say that’s worth a listen.

    • TheAfroRican

      Consciousness hasn’t left music. Mostly, the underground artists are still carrying the torch. Check out D’Angelo’s latest album for example. Extremely underrated.

      • Xxplosive 1

        Godson dropped two conscious projects that know one paid attention to.

    • I’m cool with a conscious song when riding around to errands on a usual day but for the “turn up” or festive activities I want to hear Future, or anyone else out with current banger


      I heard a song by Arrested Development yesterday was pretty good and conscious, I think u will see more but it will be on an underground level.

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  • The Wackness Vs Dope

    all 3 future albums together have sold less then 1 j.cole album

    • yup

    • Andrew Mcallister

      lol! i think this comment said it all.

    • NCcatsBALLhard

      S/o to NC…

      NBA all star game in Charlotte next yr

    • legen.. wait fa it.. dary

      Gay cole a faggot.

  • Xxplosive 1

    Considering his background, grinding is in his DNA.

  • Anthony Mason

    You AHH writers are going to make spaz out making such historical comparisons….

    Why do you keep validating a guy you know is not hip hop? He is a different mutated genre. He sings and mumbles…

    • He’s hip hop, you have to remember hip hop is a culture and there are many ways of expressing yourself through it. Future is what I label a crooner, harmonizing over beats and minimal lyricism. He’s still in the realm of hip hop just doing it his way, the current way.

      • Anthony Mason

        Bruh I dont support fvckery. He is drug hop…

      • M.DOT

        I hope u weren’t a three six mafia fan then

      • Anthony Mason

        I never was. Plus look at their name….

      • RapItUp

        Yeaaa normally I ride with you, but your bias and (rightfully aimed) hatred toward future doesn’t justify his exclusion from the hip-hop world. Future is talking about drinking lean, popping pills, and smoking ganja.. That’s Pimp C, Eminem, and ________ (insert any rapper you can think of). Lol he isn’t doing anything new. Sure, his platform is dangerous, as he’s speaking to young and impressionable minds in the digital age where everybody sees him. But to eliminate future from the conversation, you’d have to in turn remove so many other ‘rappers’ (skill not being a major factor here, as that is subjective) and he is only a by-product of those before him. Not using the Pimp/Em comparisons provided earlier (strictly subject matter, not skill wise, I repeat!) I’m sure you could name 5-6 rappers who, when all thrown into the hip-hop vitamix, would make a future

      • Anthony Mason

        Ok. He can be hip hop if you want . I’m not going to battle your comment. It is up to individual perception…

        His lack of lyrical content and musical diversity wears me out. That’s all. I actually start to feel depressed listening to him because it is so horrible….

      • RapItUp

        Lol bro I totally understand.. Haha trust. I can sit here with a notebook and pen and scribble down 100 other rappers I’d place before future in terms of lyrical content and musical diversity. Just had to play devil’s advocate and call it down the middle. Now guys like that gimmick-grandpa rapper ‘Bitcoin’… that damn sure ain’t hip-hop! I know you eff w/ Gucci, remember all those people (a lot of them on this board, even) who say he isn’t hip-hop? Same thing!

      • Hendrix2020

        Why would you listen to an artist if you don’t like his music? You have other options. You can download and play whatever you desire. There are several lyrical artist out to chose from. If its not for you then ignore it and move to the next. I just don’t get how people can hate an artists music so much but always read articles about them and argue back and forth in the comments with the fans that actually like that artist.

      • Anthony Mason

        Simple. I have sirius Xm radio and he is shoved down my throat on there in between stuff I want to hear…

      • Watever

        Exactly. I’m not a fan of his music, but to say Future is not part of hip hop culture is ridiculous. He’s part of the Dungeon Family with OutKast and Goodie Mob. That’s one of best hip hop crews to come out of the south.

      • Anthony Mason

        No….he is associated via his cousin. Future could have never been part of their scene when outkast and goodie mob were in their prime…

        He is like a dungeon family trust fund baby….

      • Watever

        And yet Big Boi, Andre & Organized Noize continue to shout him out and call him Dungeon Family. But you go right ahead and continue to create your own version of history.

      • Anthony Mason

        I know they do. I think Andre 3000 called him a god or some wild s*** like that. That hurts for a legend like 3 stacks to say that.

        Only one popping over there still is Big Boi thanks to phantogram….

      • Dox

        He’s the worst part of hip hop.

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Im late but i just watched the Grammys. Why was Ciara in attendance? lol

  • The Legendary Troll

    Now you see why Ciara so salty

  • Frank Yoster

    Their 100k sold albums…so what if they were number 1…..they actin like hes plat or something…this world is fucked

  • edeck7

    If this was twenty years ago in the music scene of 1996 and some of your favorite rappers and rap groups weren’t going platinum, but had dope albums or not any getting much notice do any of you all think Future, Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaji, or Rick Ross for that matter would be getting all the attention for having good music but barely going platinum? NO they only getting a lot of attention because of sorry A&Rs who want to hold to there jobs with Eighty Thousand salary and up and the sorry major labels that are not inspired to sign way better artists. This a very sad era of Hip-hop, Rock, R&B, SOUL that we are living in right now, but we will endure these artists just a little bit longer before truth hits and either these artists I just named are going to step there music up or disappear in the shadows of more truthful artists or just disappear without a trace.

  • Dox

    I cannot believe people really interested in this trash. He can’t sing, he can’t really rap, he has no word play and his hooks aren’t THAT good….yeah some of the beats hot, but is that what qualifies as good these days?

    • disqus_R0wVfYtgDK

      Omg yo we talkin the same language. Can’t rap, sounds bad, and ain’t talking bout shit. Now I know I got a few favs who ain’t really talking bout shit positive but sounding bad and having no lyrical skills Is where I draw the line. And above all who tf is this guy to share a documentary with Outkast? Why tf they can’t have their own? If anything dude should star in a documentary bout turn up rap or some shit wit all them otha ATL niggas that then blew since 2011

      • Dox

        Like, at the very least don’t mumble. I can’t understand what he says…and autotune on top of it? Played out.

      • disqus_R0wVfYtgDK

        Smh right yo!

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  • josh

    Michael Jackson could’ve released 12 albums in 12 months back in the thriller/bad days and had 12 #1s difference was artists at that time wanted to release good music, you’ll never see a future album on a top 500 albums of all time list

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