Lil Wayne’s Last Letter From Jail

Hello world. Time is ticking and I’m counting every second. Because of my new limitations, this unfortunately has to be my last letter. I don’t think people truly understand how much their thoughts and well wishes have helped me through this time in my life. Not everyone is as lucky as I am and it… Read more »



The End Of ‘Greedy’ Managers and ‘Dumb’ Artists (Hopefully)

As I continue to prepare my full return to the industry with my forthcoming Hip-Hoppreneur ™ advisory service I’ve been having some interesting conversations and negotiations with artists, producers, managers, entertainment lawyers, publicists, and executives. The more I build and do business with these individuals, the clearer it becomes that there may be no relationship… Read more »



Tattoo Tears of Joy…or Pain?

 As if it wasn’t extremely difficult for us already, may I ask, “Why are we now putting tattoos on our faces?”  Do we not realize that a tattoo on our face will probably make our scarce options that more limited?   Or are we just so far gone that we just don’t care? When I… Read more »



The Mixtape: The End Of An Era?

The Mixtape: The End Of An Era? For the last month two ‘non-albums’ have struck me as marking two eras in Hip-Hop: the Freddie Gibbs Str8 Killa EP on one hand, and the There Is No Competition: 2: The Grieving Music Mixtape 2 from Fabolous. Conceptually it is difficult to find a DJ involved with… Read more »



Hex’s Return: Back At It

Back again,bastards. This stroke shit is turning my drops into annuals. F**k it. Oh, & f**k Chuck Creekmur & Steve Raze, too. Just because. [Editor’s Note: Both Chuck Creekmur and Steve Raze appreciate the man known as hexmurda as well as his editorials. Yep. Click here for the Black Milk interview, hex’s homey. ] Whut… Read more »



WWWD? (What Will Weezy Do?)

This is one of my most serious editorials that I’ve ever penned. It’s very serious because it deals with people’s lives and whether or not they’ll choose to live or die. In writing this piece, I have to reflect back on the lives of other men who found themselves in similar situations and use them… Read more »



No Passes: The T.I. Edition

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of AllHipHop.com.T.I. T.I. T.I. I was just talking about the homey T.I. I was specifically talking about this: Since Tip got out of jail, he’s been smiling a lot. I’d look at every post-arrest interview, every photo, every appearance and… Read more »



D.O.L.N. (Death Of Live Nation?)

Is Live Nation at death’s door, as some recent media reports may have us believe? Not quite. You can put the electrical defibrillator away for now, but don’t let the doctor leave the room, yet. As many of you may know from reading my writings at AllHipHop.com or elsewhere I believe that one of the… Read more »



Black and Ugly as Ever, However!

 “First things first, I Poppa, freaks all the honey’s, dummies, playboy bunnies, those wanting money.  Those the ones I like, cause they don’t get nathan, but penetration unless they smell like sanitation.  Gar-barge I turn like door knobs.  Heartthrob?  Never, black and ugly as ever; however…”Biggie is considered the G.O.A.T by many because of his… Read more »



I’m Worldwide Known, Whether You Like It Or Not!

The following call and response is real simplistic, but guaranteed to get any party jumping!Call:  Aint not party like an old school party cause an old school party don’t stop!  Response:  Aint no party like an old school party cause an old school party don’t stop!Call:  Heeeeey yoResponse:  AlrightCall:  Heeeeey yoResponse:  AlrightCall:  The roof, the… Read more »



What If The Tea Party Was Black?

A few months ago, Tim Wise wrote a widely circulated article called, “Imagine if the Tea Party Was Black ” which challenged America to take a close look at the hypocrisy of the Right Wing. Now, a Pittsburgh rapper is accepting his challenge in true Hip Hop form. Jasiri X has released a video called… Read more »



Hate Is For Suckas

Blame it on the goose, blame it on the henney, blame it on the vodka (which happened to be Ciroc mixed with lemonade) or blame it on the remy, blame it on the alc alc alc alc alcohol, blame it on the alc alc alc alc alcohol, or just blame it on the fact that… Read more »



I Aint A Killer, But Don’t Push Me

Coincidentally or maybe not, AllHipHop.com and theGrio.com partnered to discuss Hip Hop and Politics during the same week that many recognized the day of birth of arguably one of the most influential artists of a musical genre; he who may have well been the last rapper thus far, who simultaneously displayed the ability to successfully… Read more »



The Politics of “Gettin’ Money”

Jasiri X is one of the most vocal rappers making Hip-hop with an overt message in the spirit of Public Enemy, X-Clan and Boogie Down Productions. The Pittsburgh emcee tells AllHipHop.com and the Ill Community how such a Hip-Hop artist can make politically-minded music and still get to the money. When I wrote the song… Read more »



Hip-Hop: Evolve Or Die

David Banner has been to the left of the spotlight for a few years, but quietly the rapper/producer has been mastering his craft in other ways. First, is Death of a Pop Star, his upcoming collaboration with producer 9th Wonder. Another is his self-produced song “Evolve,” which was included in a recent campaign for Gatorade… Read more »