No More Hip-Hop Sequels!

“Kill the track, annihilate the sequel”   – Dilated Peoples   People, people, people.   Something needs to change.   Quickly.   This year, we have seen a dangerous trend overtake our genre and upend it into near oblivion. A trend that seems to grow with each passing month. A trend that may cause the… Read more »



Bad Ideas In Hip-Hop : The White Boys

As a Hip-Hop junkie that has never once considered detox, I have to admit that Hip-Hop has been subject to mountains and mountains of Bad Ideas. That is the theme of this new column that examines this re-occurring theme with rap.   Hip-Hop is no different than than other genres, which have seen a number… Read more »



Going Rock: What the Recent Rock & Roll Frenzy Says About Hip-Hop’s Future

“All things come to an end. … Now, the spirit of Hip-hop will always be alive… as long as there’s inner cities, there’s ghettoes, and there’s poor people.” —Nas[1] Last week BBC News featured a report couched in questioning: “Has hip-hop grown up?”[2] Besides the obvious condescension, we learned next to nothing (!) about what… Read more »



Bill Cosby’s Town Hall Meeting – LIVE!

Check out Bill Cosby, and four African American men about race, family, music and a myriad of other matters in the community.Bill Cosby has been a lightening rod in the Hip-Hop community. He’s been a positive force for years, as an entertainer, comic and as an activist. Still, with his intentions in recent years have… Read more »



More Weirdoes In Hip-Hop Please

 I’m sure there are quite a few people that are going to disagree with me on this, but I am going all out.   There is a very big issue with Hip-Hop.   Not enough weirdos in the game to sustain the voyeurs and the Hip-Hop head itching for something that doesn’t look like it… Read more »



Has The Internet Helped Or Hurt Hip-Hop?

The internet has been around in some form or another since the 1960’s, but didn’t get prominent until the 90’s. In the late 90’s AllHipHop was founded and a number of other urban progressives delved into the uncharted digital space. While it was a movement similar to the Wild Wild West, the movement slowed down… Read more »



9th Wonder Responds To Gladys Knight’s Comments About Hip-Hop

Last week soul and R&B legend Gladys Knight publicly criticized rap music, addressing the genre with a rather broad stroke. Professor Patrick Douthit, aka 9th Wonder, who has made music with Jay-Z, Beyonce, Jean Grae, Torae and other, has responded in this editorial that originally appeared on newsblaze.com.  Click here to read Knight’s original comments…. Read more »



Mashonda’s Open Letter To Alicia Keys

The following was posted on by Mashonda, who is a professional singer and estranged wife of Hip-Hop artist Swizz Beatz. She wrote the open letter to Alicia Keys, who is allegedly involved in an intimate relationship with Swizz. Mashonda felt the need to get some things off her chest, as written below. After having a… Read more »



Rate Obama So Far This Year

Hip-Hop culture has always maintained a different outlook on America and politics and it is time we got down to serious dialogue. AllHipHop’s Social Lounge will discuss and rate how Obama has fared since his election at an event on October 17, 2009 at the NJPAC center in Newark, NJ (Buy Tickets Here). Panelists include… Read more »



Hexmurda’s Column: The Vice Of Fame

Whutupdoe…I had this great article written out about one of the mainstays in entertainment for people of color.   If I do say so myself, I WENT THE F**K IN.   Unfortunately, someone called a Klan meeting and shut the piece down.   Oh,the humanity.   It was brilliant.   Extravagant.   Monumental.   F**king… Read more »



Is The Generational Gap Killing Hip-Hop?

Hip-Hip, as a cultural phenomenon, is older than 30 years now. Some of the most commercially relevant and talented rappers are pushing 40 years old (see: Jay-Z and Raekwon) with fans that are young enough to be their children. On the other side, you have older fans that are 40 and up, that witnessed Hip-Hop’s… Read more »



Black America: The Final Destination

“Sometimes, I think it’s just genocide. Watching all of your people die.”                                                         “Closed Eyes”- Marcus Cox, NC artist      I just peeped the new movie called “The Final Destination” about this woe- is -me type dude warning his homies about their impending demises and their frantic attempts to beat the grim… Read more »



Hexmurda’s News: ISH HAPPENS!

Whutupdoe…shout out to all the folks that read my inane ramblings. I honestly appreciate ya’ll because without this outlet for my madness I would probably start carrying an aluminum bat wrapped in barbed wire w/ a bayonet welded to it, don a catchers mask and transform into a serial killer called “The Umpire.”   Don’t… Read more »



Hexmurda Wishes You…MANY MORE!

[Hexmurda is a columnist for AllHipHop.com. His views don’t necessarily represent those of AllHipHop.com, but this one is pretty close to how many of us feel, you know minus the grammatical brutality.] Well, kiddies it’s that time of the week again. Yup, I’m back. Two columns down and I haven’t received my pink slip (yet)…. Read more »



Health Care Reform for Dummies

Health Care Reform for Dummies Can someone please tell me why these people are mad?   Haven’t they watched SICKO? Well maybe their Senators should hold a town hall meeting where they watch the Michael Moore documentary about health insurance in America and let see if they continue to bitch and moan about Prez Obama’s… Read more »



Music Video Directors: Assassins 4 Hire?

“Watch what you’re watching/” —Nas, “Sly Fox,” Untitled, 2008. Images matter. The age of denying the insurmountable effects graphic material masters on the minds of young, impressionable viewers should be far behind us. In the last decade alone, we have witnessed the dramatic possibilities an irresponsible media state is capable of producing when held to… Read more »



Hip-Hop Needs Another Death!

“Am I wrong for wishing somebody would get killed? I mean, it just doesn’t seem like Hip-Hop gets it until somebody gets killed.”   -illseed  August 10, 2009, posted in rumors   “It ain’t Hip-Hop til some one gets killed? Thanks. That has to be the most reckless, insensitive statement I have heard against our… Read more »



Read My Lips: No More Ni**adry!

            “And all you coon-a** rappers—ya’ll should all get lynched/ And all you fake-a** gangsters—ya’ll should all get lynched/” —NYOIL, “Ya’ll Should All Get Lynched,” Hood Treason, 2007. The stakes are higher than they’ve ever been, and it seems some would hate nothing more than to see Ni**adry completely blotted out from Hip-Hop music. After… Read more »



Telegraphing Punches: Joe Budden v.s. Raekwon

Hexmurda is the latest columnist at AllHipHop.com. His views are his own and don’t necessarily represent those of AllHiphop.com or its employees. We had to say that. Now, allow hex to articulate his feelings.   If you didn’t see this coming, then you’re blind as a fucking bat. Some n***a finally punched Joe Budden in the… Read more »



R.I.P. Baatin – Hexmurda’s Lament

(Editor’s Note: This was supposed to be the start of a regular column from hexmurda, a staple of the Detroit Hip-Hop scene. However, the death of Baatin of Slum Village preempted the column and hex has written a column about his fallen comrade. It was originally titled “F**K THIS RAP S**T, I’LL LISTEN TO CLASSICAL.”)… Read more »



Fans Are the New Record Labels

“Slave to a label but I own my masters/  Still get it poppin’ without artist and repertoire/” —Pharoahe Monch, “Desire,” Desire, 2007. Last week, LA Times Staff Writer Chris Lee revealed the details of Cash Money artist Drake’s blockbuster record deal. In addition to a $2 million advance payment, he “retains the publishing rights to… Read more »



The X Fact(her): An Amero And A Dream

Last week Prez Obama stood before a packed audience and essentially preached to the choir. He spoke about the great accomplishments of the NAACP and how the organization ironically celebrated its 100th anniversary the same year he became the country’s first (official) African American president.   Then he did something that was quite surprising. He… Read more »



Ebonics 101: Big L & E. B. White Break Bread

“Euphemisms are misunderstood as mistakes/ But it’s a by-product of the ghetto music we make/” —Canibus, “Poet Laureate II,” Rip the Jacker, 2003. Of the many reasons Hip-Hop music dogged for, one of the most unremarkable is that it teaches bad English—broken English—Ebonics. Critics argue that it celebrates anti-intellectualism, with an emphasis on rhyme rather… Read more »



Rappers: Where Ya’ Ba**s At?

“Half these rap lyrics ain’t thought-provoked/ Just a lot of beef till they get caught and smoked/” —GZA, “Illusory Protection,” Grandmasters. “If I rhyme about home and got descriptive/ I’d make 50 Cent look like Limp Bizkit/” —K’Naan, “What’s Hardcore?,” The Dusty Foot Philosopher.  Nowadays, nothing seems to annoy this writer more than the fecklessness… Read more »