Why We Should Vote For Kerry

I was both shocked and amazed by Bakari Kitwana’s piece about Hip Hop NOT voting for Kerry entitled “Why We (Hip Hop) Shouldn’t Vote For John Kerry”. I understand his frustrations with the Democratic party. But to vote for Bush is political suicide. You don’t believe me? Ask the Arab/Muslim voters who liked Bush over… Read more »



Why We Shouldn’t Vote For Kerry

When I say to hip-hop kids that perhaps we shouldn’t vote for John Kerry, the universal first response is raised eyebrows. Then come a flurry of questions, mostly critical and heartfelt ones. These are reactions I’ve come to be expect, especially from a left leaning emerging voting bloc. This election year, the emerging hip-hop voting… Read more »



Nas Rocks Central Park

On “Genesis,” the intro to his debut album Illmatic, a young Nasir Jones remarked: “When it’s real, you doing this even without a record contract.” Fittingly then, Nas took it back to the beginning with a free concert in Central Park yesterday (August 15) to mark his ten-year anniversary as a recording artist. “This is… Read more »



An Open Letter to the Recording Industry

Respecting the Living Legacy of Def Jam: An Open Letter to the Recording Industry from Russell Simmons In a recent Newsweek article by Johnnie Roberts, appropriate questions were raised not only about the future of Def Jam, but also about the future of the recording industry’s relationship with the creative genius of hip-hop culture. The… Read more »



Unwillingly Reeled In By COPS Crew

My Saturday evenings have been lulled into repetition as of late. I typically wake up from a nap either to the end of Cheaters or the beginning of COPS. Both reality television programs garner pretty good ratings in the southern Ohio area by capitalizing on the guilt-ridden pleasures of voyeurism. While the Cheaters camera crew… Read more »



Freedom Deferred

Up until now, Bill O’Reilly’s anti-hip hop antics have been so unfoundedly ridiculous we’ve learned to ignore him. From his personal vendetta against Ludacris to attacks on what he calls gangsta rap, Bill finds new ways to criticize hip hop music. But, on a recent show that aired July 14, he went too far. Attempting… Read more »



KRS-One Responds To Debate Challenge

Adisa Banjoko, I truly thank you for such intellectual nourishment. I can always count on you for some real discussions on the state of our Hiphop community. You are truly a much needed architect on the scaffolds of Hiphop’s cultural development. I appreciate your concerns and comments. Everyone can learn from this. Before I consider… Read more »



Rock Steady Crew Denied By NY Officials

Less than one year after Mayor Bloomberg proclaimed July 26, 2003 "Rock Steady Crew Day" in New York City, the NYC Parks Department has denied the World Famous Rock Steady Crew access to Bronx public parks for their 27th Anniversary, which is scheduled for July 22-25th, 2004. The Commissioner Adrian Benepe’s office oversees the NYC… Read more »



An AllHipHop Dedication To Ray Charles

The Hip-Hop Nation is still mourning in the aftermath of soul icon Ray Charles’ death. Funny thing is, people may not know that they are mourning – the loss is just that widespread. There is a tremendous lingering legacy in the absence of Brother Ray. And, for some reason, Hip-Hop didn’t directly embrace his work… Read more »



Wished Into The Cornfield

While my brother and sister loved the Three Stooges, Abbott and Costello, and cowboy shows on TV; I only remember liking one show and that was The Twilight Zone. I thought Rod Sterling a genius. Though he only lived until age 50 he left a legacy of creative shows that will never be seen again…. Read more »



I Won’t Hang Up My Jersey, Chump!

OK, HIP-HOP, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I am here to stand up for hip-hop heads across the nation and to state emphatically that we aren’t going to be railroaded out of our sense of style. I’ve been quiet lately watching the sweeping fashion changes that have unfurled this year. Yeah, I am not opposed… Read more »