J-Live Leaves Record Label, Preparing New Album

J-Live has ended his year long relationship with

record label Coup D’Etat Entertainment. While J-Live was signed to the label,

the partnership produced the critically acclaimed album All Of The Above.

"My plan was and still is to release my

next album, The Hear After this Fall and my main concern is to produce

the best product I can," J-Live told AllHipHop.com in a statement. "I

am very much pleased with the commercial success of All of The Above

as well as The Best Par‘ and there is no reason for me to think The

Hear After won’t be another step up for me as an artist and a businessman."

Seven Heads founder Wes Jackson, who manages

J and was co-executive producer of "All Of The Above" and "The

Best Part", had this to add. "I and Seven Heads have had the pleasure

of working with J for the past 8 years and in that time we have been through

many deals, good and bad. J is without a doubt, one of the top independent artists

as a producer, arranger and emcee. We have been fortunate enough to sell a record

or two over the years, so his commercial viability is at its highest point.

I look forward to this next step."

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