Pioneers To Detail Plans For The Universal Federation For The Preservation Of Hip-Hop Culture

Hip-Hop pioneers Afrika Bambaataa, GrandMaster Caz, Kurtis Blow

and others will announce the establishment of the Universal Federation for the

Preservation of Hip-Hop Culture, a nonprofit organization invested in safeguarding

Hip-Hop’s evolutionary history.

According to the

Federation’s Vice President Kenny “Yoda” Syder, also a member of

the legendary Crash Crew, artists have consistently toured the world recording

Hip-Hop’s history in the process.

“The global

community lacks a formal place of study for Hip-Hop culture," said Syder.

"This is an excellent opportunity to collectively create a curriculum of

study based upon the contributions from the original founders to present-day

and future artists."

The Federation,

founded in 2003, plans to create a national center to store the various artifacts,

musical compositions and artist biographical information amassed over the years,

to preserve as official recognition of Hip-Hop’s international existence

and influential force.

Through educational

programs involving music and the fine arts, and courses in Hip-Hop’s expressive

arts of DJ-ing, MC-ing, break dancing, graffiti and musical engineering, the

Federation also hopes to extend Hip-Hop’s scope into the realm of universities,

secondary schools and other nonprofit agencies. "

Entertainers, educators,

industry executives and community leaders including KRS-One, Queen Latifah,

Sean "P Diddy" Combs, Ice-T, Mos Def, Will Smith, Wesley Snipes and

Denzel Washington, have been invited to join the Federation"

A press conference

will be held tomorrow (November 10) at 11:00 am at the Office of the Lawyer’s

for the Arts in New York City.

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