Rapper Busta Rhymes Cuts Dreads After 15 Years

After 15 years, Busta

Rhymes has officially cut off his long dreadlocks.

Busta Rhymes, born Trevor Smith, cut off his trademark dreadlocks during a recent

photo shoot in a New York barbershop.

“I started growing these sh–s in December ’89. I was

17,” Busta stated. “I signed my [record] deal and said I aint combing

my hair no more. I don’t have to."

The rapper now sports a short crop Caesar hairstyle.

In an effort to memorialize his transition, the former Leader

of The New School member recorded the historic occasion on camera while friends

and crew members watched.


short video clip features an excited Busta cutting his dreads off

one at a time while he talks about the momentous event.

“This is it kid,” Busta exclaimed as he prepared

to cut his hair. “I haven’t felt clippers touch the side of my head

in 15 years. Y’all gonna see the sexiest head you’ve ever seen in

your life when I’m finished.”

Busta remains one of the most original hip-hop artists with

his rapid-fire rapping style and innovative videos.

Fans will be able

to see Busta sports his new hairstyle in the video for “Touch It,”

which is set to air in media outlets in the coming weeks.

“Touch It,” produced by Swizz Beats, is the first lead off single

for Busta’s new Aftermath/Interscope album The Big Bang which

is expected to hit stores in early 2006.

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