Havoc Creates Voxonic Voicetones, Working on Bi-lingual Single


seems to be the mind state of rapper/producer Havoc, as he sets out to expand

his fanbase overseas with a new business partnership.The

Mobb Deep member has hooked up with New York-based software company Voxonic Inc.

to release international voicetones under Voxonic’s Voxtones division. In

addition, Voxonic will convert a soon to be named single from Havoc’s forthcoming

solo album in to various foreign languages."Working

with Voxonic will be a great opportunity for me to diversity my fan base as a

solo artist," said Havoc, who sees the potential for other artists who come

aboard. "This project will also show other artist there are a lot of different

ways to market our product and create revenue for ourselves."Voxonic

provides technology used to create voice conversion into more than 1,400 foreign

languages with 99 percent accuracy of the original speaker’s voice.Havoc’s

deal with the company was done on his behalf through his manager Norman Bell.

In addition

to artists, Voxonic president Arie Deutsch believes the partnership could open

doors for record labels wishing to better serve international music fans."Voxonic’s

technology provides artists the opportunity to grow their fan base amongst music

lovers internationally," Deutsch said. "With marketing opportunities

such as this, I am sure this will definitely help major record labels, establish

a stronger following for their artists upcoming or in markets where they never

dreamed possible."The

Havoc alliance comes on the heels of Voxonic’s recent partnership with Rawkus

Records. The

companies announced in January that they will use Voxonic’s software to translate

a single from rapper Naledge’s upcoming album Naledge is Power.

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