Iggy Azalea In Tight Skirt Jewel Nightclub

Iggy Azalea has a few reasons to celebrate and she did just that during a party/show at Jewel Nightclub in Las Vegas.

Iggy’s Azalea Street production company just inked a new deal to create original content for NBCUniversal.

Iggy showcased her donk in a tight fitting blue dress on the red carpet inside the Aria Resort and Casino.

Iggy, who recently split from former fiancée Nick Young, caught the attention of French Montana, who reportedly left the club with the rapper.

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26 Responses to “Iggy Azalea In Tight Skirt Jewel Nightclub”

    • STEPH

      LOL…I feel you, I’d smash too. All these fools on here lying talking about yuck and how they wouldn’t smash while the chick they claiming look like the black lady on the new Ghostbusters movie Lmao!

  1. arichnig

    Would I smash, yes. That fake azz look like it might look better bent over, and she white so I know she freaky. But real talk, she look like a mannequin wit booty pads. Definitely couldn’t take her to momma lol

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