Atlanta Rapper Yung Mazi Shot Again Inside Local Waffle House

(AllHipHop News) Atlanta’s Yung Mazi is recovering after being shot in the chest inside a Buckhead Waffle House early Tuesday morning.

According to police, Mazi was shot shortly after entering the restaurant.

As of press time, no suspects have been detained.

In an interview with DJ Smallz published in June, Mazi stated he had been shot a total of 10 times.

“I just got out the wheelchair,” said Mazi at the time. “My foot and stuff still don’t work, so I can’t really run like that. The person with the gun ain’t supposed to run anyway.”

When asked why he keeps getting shot, the Physical Therapy rapper replied, “People always don’t like the red dude for some reason.”

Mazi also claimed he walks around with a $250,000 of jewelry on.

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10 Responses to “Atlanta Rapper Yung Mazi Shot Again Inside Local Waffle House”

  1. ZUBU

    I don’t wish for nobody to get shot, but this dude thinks he gets shot because he is light-skinned or as he said red, or because he wears 250k in jewels?
    How about maybe because he is arrogant and rubs people the wrong way? Hence you create enemies.

  2. S D

    Somebody pleeease kill dis naggah…I don’t get how they keep missin, rappers like this don’t deserve to rap…he just ignant & in the way

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