Billionaire Ronald Lauder Demands Apple Music And Spotify Removes All Kanye West Music

Kanye West - Ye

Apple took down a playlist, but do they need to do more?

The President of the World Jewish Congress is calling for streaming services to pull down music made by Kanye West.

According to the New York Post, Ronald Lauder, the heir to the Estée Lauder estate and fortune, sent a letter to the CEO of Apple Music, Tim Cook and Spotify CEO Daniel Ek saying it was “unacceptable that neither Apple Music, nor Spotify have removed Mr. West’s music” after his continued spewing of anti-Jewish hate speech.

“Kanye West’s antisemitic tirades go beyond trafficking in conspiracy theories. He is espousing Nazism in its purest, most hateful form, and is perhaps the singular embodiment of the alarming rise of Jew-hatred in America,” Lauder, a billionaire philanthropist, wrote.

“As long as his hateful voice is carried on Apple and Spotify’s music streaming platforms, they are in league with those who wish harm to Jews the world over,” he said.

By keeping it up, Lauder believes the companies are “profiting off of Jewish hate.”

Lauder applauded German apparel company Adidas; a company actually founded by Nazis for severing their ties with Kanye— long before he publicly said he likes “Hitler.”

After saying he was “relieved” of the three-striped company’s move to stop working with Ye’s Yeezy Brand, he noted “their delay in making what should have been a clear-cut decision to rid their halls of such a dangerous voice is unacceptable.”

No word on the streaming platform’s response to the demand.

Apple Music, which broke records when it debuted the artist’s “Donda” album live, did remove a Kanye West Essentials playlist from the platform after he first made his anti-Jewish rant on Twitter in October.