NLE Choppa, Sada Baby & Kamaiyah Respond To Money Man’s Claims About Label Advances

Did Money Man nail the hammer on the head with this take?

Multiple rappers, including NLE Choppa, Sada Baby and Kamaiyah, have responded to Money Man’s recent comments about how advances from the record labels work.

On Wednesday (November 22) a video clip of a recent interview Money Man did went viral and began circulating on social media due to his shocking assessment of the process between an artist and their label when they are recouping an advance. It all started as Money Man was describing why her turned down a deal with a major label himself due to his belief that “most artists” will be required to recoup more than twice the amount their labels initially invested in them.

“You know how major labels work, you put up a million you damn near gotta pay back eight, nine [million],” he said in part. “It’s a super finesse, it’s the highest loan you can get in history. Most artists gotta probably pay back—if they give you a million, you probably gotta pay about eight, nine back.”


Choppa was one of the first opponents of Money Man’s comments and responded in the comments section of a post featuring the clip with his take on the situation, given his experience as one of Warner Records’ top signees.

“If they pay you a million you got to generate a million of revenue to recoup. Basically advances are loans. Idk about to million and pay back 8 to 9 million tho. First time hearing that.”

On another note, Bay Area rapper Kamaiyah appeared to agree with Money Man and added that she belives the “structure” of the recoupment process allows labels to “pocket” the artist’s profits.

“He’s right the recoupment is structured to where they recoup on one side and pocket your cut, you technically have to make double or triple to actually clear your debt,” she wrote in a lengthy comment. “That’s not including the expenses that you have, every dollar they spend on you excluding your budget has to come back from your side. You’ll damn near always owe them most artist never make a dime from their masters.”

Sada Baby also added his two cents to the conversation, claiming he generated multi-millions for his previous record label Asylum even though he wasn’t offered a one million dollar advance.

“I made 4.5 million for @asylumrecords n ain’t sign for no M,” Sada wrote. “They a take yo money witout givin you mo real money at first. That’s why I look dumb now”