Rapper Raekwon Launches New Wine Business Licataa

Raekwon Wine

Raekwon the Chef cooked up a new brand called Licataa! The rap star has teamed with a black-owned distributor to launch the business!

Raekwon has a few titles under his belt.

He is a proud founding member of the Wu-Tang Clan. He is one the most skilled emcees on the planet, even standing apart from his Staten Island brethren.

And now he can add that he is an owner of a premium wine company, an adult beverage that can now boast of being sold through Kentucky’s first Black-owned wine and spirit distributors.

According to his team, the man behind the “Purple Tape” and one of his childhood friends are about to get fans all the way lit with this new partnership.

The multi-platinum artist’s sparkling wine is called Licataa and was inspired by his love for Italian culture and cuisine. Licataa is produced on the Cantine Ceci farm in Parma, Italy, and is a family-owned winery.

Thus it makes sense for him to pair the product with a distribution model that is “in the family,” sort to speak.

The owner of the Louisville company called Legacy Wine & Spirits first met Raekwon when they were both 7th graders. Now, that childhood friendship has sparked into a profitable venture — first starting as a brand ambassadorship and now with Licataa being one of the premiere titles in Legacy’s portfolio.

Other bottles in the portfolio are the Black-owned whiskey brand Guidance, Black-owned bourbon Majesty, Local Choice, and rapper E-40’s line of Earl Stevens wines and spirits.

This announcement comes right as The Chef is ripping the nation on tour with GZA and Ghostface Killah.

“That ghostface, Raekwon, GZA show last week was crazy. Performed so many songs that I never thought I would see. Highlight was Ghost & Rae doing each other’s verses on Black Jesus + seeing all verses of Guillotine Swordz performed.”

“Oh s### I gotta buy my Raekwon and Ghost ticket”

“I have seen a lot of good performers, @Raekwon might be the best live performer I have ever seen. You could understand every word he said, never stumbled a single word, and he was on stage with two other greats, but still shined different.”