T.I. Calls Out Charleston White Over Dispute With His Son King Harris 


T.I. told Charleston White to “Come speak to the daddy,” after YouTuber Charleston White got into it with his son King Harris.

T.I. has stepped in to defend his son King Harris after the 18-year-old got into an online back-and-forth with YouTuber Charleston White. 

The controversial social media personality has spoken negatively about King since his arrest last month. When White said King and his friend, Boosie Badazz’s son, Tootie Raw, “don’t know how to fight,” the teen responded.  

“Charleston White, you is a b####, boy!” King Harris said. “Man, we are about to whoop your ass when you come back here. I can see you had a soft upbringing.” 

T.I. Responds To Charleston White

His most recent remarks caught T.I.’s attention, who challenged the Texas native to speak to him, not his son. “Come speak to the daddy,” he said before adding, “if you don’t want no trouble, what you kicking up dust for?” 

He continued, “I ain’t on no gangsta s###. I’m a father, I’m a businessman, and I’m a leader. So ultimately, if you have something to say about me and mine, come to me. Whatever you have to say about me, come to me,” T.I. said. “Keep my muthafucking children’s names out your muthafucking mouth before something bad happens.” 

T.I said he wasn’t threatening Charleston White but suggested he stop playing with people’s kids. “People will die about their children, and people are willing to go to prison about their children. Stop. That’s a suggestion. Please stop.” Check out his comments in the clip below.

Meanwhile, Zonnique Pullins also came to King’s defense, asking folks to take it easy on her little brother.  

“When I was 18 I said dumb s### and had a TON of growing to do.. y’all really could just ignore my brother but I’m guessing y’all want him to act like an upperclassmen cause y’all think he grew up in the house y’all watched on tv every Tuesday,” she tweeted. 

“Everyone loves to bring up the gated house like we not talking about T.I. and Tiny’s kids at the end of the day.. what do y’all really expect…it’s literally 7 of us,” she added. “It would be boring if we didn’t have a wild card.” 

Finally, she implored, “Give my baby some time to grow into the king he’s destined to be and until then send the kid some positive encouraging words.” 

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