Hip-Hop Rumors: Trina Drops Track Dissing Khloe Kardashian!


French and Khloe are supposedly on a break and for a minute and the world has probably been wondering how Miss Trina has been feeling about the whole thing.

Before hooking up with one of the Kardashians, French and Trina were living together in New Jersey, seems like his new relationship probably came as a surprise. The Diamond Princess has finally spoken and TMZ reports that she’s holding nothing back.

“Rapper Trina is on the attack … BLASTING her ex French Montana and Khloe Kardashian for screwing behind her back — and TMZ obtained a snippet of her new anger filled track about the affair.

Trina never mentions either French or Khloe by name in the new song called “F*** Love” … but sources close to the rapper tell us their tryst last year was definitely the track’s inspiration.

Trina doesn’t pull punches … insinuating French tried to play her for a fool — and referring to Khloe with the line, “You can keep that bitch!”

As we previously reported … Trina and French were living together in New Jersey when Khloe came on the scene. Sources close to the couple said Trina was devastated by the break-up.”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQ5w3-ji6LQ&w=420&h=315]

Now Kim Kardashian and Trina are friends, wonder where that stands as of now…

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      1. Word that is how I always viewed her.
        She got a bigger wallet but she was diggging into French’s pocket. Much like she dug into Lamar Odom’s wallet. You should google the pre-nup LO signed to marry this slut. Also Kim was in Kris Humpries pocket Kim even though she had more money than him. She prolly doing the same to Kanye. They money suckers.
        Kanye ain’t even the same dudde who had the classic hit “Gold Digger”

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  5. I dont particularly like trina rap style, however she is self made and been in the game for a minute. Khloe is only known for being the sister of a set out broad, and was married to that crackhead basketball player.

    1. HAHAHA!!! I was straight up telling cats that. Porn is a billion dollar industry. I refuse to believe that all that income comes from me. People fronting like they don’t know Tory Lane. She’s the anal champ!

      1. I had not heard of either one of those sluts (Tory Lane & JulieKnight) but between the two from the lil’ bit I viewed I think Julie Kight is a hotter slut, plus she be taking the fukkin machines anal… IMO….

    2. “Tory lanez ?? This nigga named himself after a porno bitch ? Smh”

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This is the comment of the day. Don’t need to be Ms Cleo to see a lawsuit for trademark infringement (or whatever the appropriate term would be) in his future.

  6. I’ve always thought Trina was fine, but there has to be something there with her being she can’t keep ANY man for an extended period of time. This song really sounds like a woman scorned, and can’t let go, almost on some Taylor Swift like BS. I don’t claim to know her or the situation regarding her personal life, but when man after man is hitting the bricks after hitting that ass, there might be something wrong and it might be with you. Hell I’d be satisfied to be her “side piece” right now.

    1. I agree with everything you said bro except for the “side piece” part, unless of course she was breaking off the paper. Now I will be honest I will hit for certain, but more like hit and run….IJS

      1. I’d be alright with the side piece, Trina isn’t exactly the “bring her home to Ma” type, so why put in the work of the “main man”? She comes, then I cum, we both leave, and it’s kept at that. And does she have any paper? I’m not hating, just askin on that one. And don’t lie, if that sh*ts good you’ll be back too lol

  7. How she gone talk shit aboutthe next female??? You realize he is STILL MARRIED..So you were fukking and living with a married man…Now u want sympathy…Bitch please…

    1. Lmao who said she was looking for sympathy and who even said she was talking about French Montana? Keyword FOF friend of French lol y’all do the most and don’t even know the story behind the song smh lmaoo

      1. That’s my sister you damn right. The world would be better if you brothas knew how to do the same lol

  8. I wonder if french ever bought trina a jeep? And why she act like she the best thing to ever happen to this nigga? First off. . . Trina is washed up. Yea that ass fat but I wouldnt dare go near her. She is actually ugly in the face. She covers it with a shit load of cake batter. . . I mean make up. And the only thing going for her is shes LaLas friend. Other than that there are a million more “baddest bitches” in the world. Why we are even talking about this is beyond me lmao

    1. Lmao u mad or nah? If you seen Trina with no make up there’s nothing ugly about her lmao where do you people come up with these exaggerated fairy tale of lies lmao

      1. Again, that’s my sister and it’s sad when bitches say ugly and don’t know the real form of ugly. I bet you my sis is shitting on all your bitches

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