Issa Rae’s Next Move Will Make All Her Fans Happy!

Issa Rae might be making some serious power moves that takes a page from her humble beginnings.

Who misses Issa Rae?

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She so purty!

I sure do! I love her smile and face and aura!

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She completely won me over right here!

Now that her hit show “Insecure” is no longer on the airwaves we have to find other ways to get our fix of our chocolate queen. However, there may be a way. In a recent interview with Steve Stoute, the queen actress and producer and overall legend suggested that she might be bringing back her head YouTube series “Awkward Black Girl.”

Now the comment was made in passing, but I did not take it as a chance remark. I took it as a very serious remark. Why? Because I feel as though that show was incredibly ingenious and it also tapped into a population that is still underserved to this day.

So, for her to reestablish that character would be another stroke of genius that could reduce the conundrum that we are facing with all this crap! Yes, I am talking about THEE otherness in social media and even TV. That’s not to condemn anyone else’s lifestyle, but only to say that it is oftentimes an unrealistic portrayal of who we are.

By the way: all of this happened at Selectcon, which is a conference for young professionals and people attempting to get a foothold in the entertainment industry. A conversation with Issa and United Masters Boss Steve Stoute was the primary conversation of the day but there were others. Coodie and Chike! Jim Jones! Fadia! DJ Drama! Grouchy Greg and Jigsaw were in the building! So was Rich Nice and Kelly! Many more too like TravQue!

Remember him?

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This was HEE-LAR-I-OUS!

There were a lot of influencers in the place as well and it was a pretty dope event from what I was told. Furthermore they had a lot of drinks flowing in there in addition to the information that was being transmitted.

I wish I could’ve been there.

Next time.