Memphis Bleek Refutes Suge Knight’s Wacky Jay Z Rumor!

Memphis Bleek is calling Big CAP!

Recently, a 2001 Suge Knight interview is bubbling to the surface. In fact, the Last Call with Carson Daly expose contains shocking allegations. However, an insistent Memphis Bleek refutes Suge Knight’s wacky Jay Z rumor.

Moreover, the former Death Row boss is seen, almost gleefully, recalling the so-called incident. Indeed, the incarcerated icon charges that some L.A. goonies get the best of Mr. Carter. Additionally, Mr. West Coast reportedly professes that Jay Z becomes taped up, gagged and robbed.

Then, Marion matter-of-factly mentions, “The only thing I know about Jay-Z is that he came to L.A. a few times.” Next, Sugar Bear suggests, “Snoop and Dre told him that, ‘When you on the west coast, you wrote a song for me, don’t worry ’bout nothin’.'”

Next, Suge Knight relishes his recollection of the suspect situation. Most importantly, offers more insight of the alleged event. “Next thing I know he’s taped up, robbed, and gagged.” Although, he confesses, “I do like Jay Z,” he declines to name the alleged perpetrators. A soul-satisfying laugh serves as the exclamation point.

Nonetheless, Mr. Understanding is emphatically dispelling this salacious rumor. Of course the Brooklynite boldly declares the circumstance is purely fictitious. So, he hops on Twitter and shoots down the alleged archaic event.

Naturally, the Warehouse Music Group leader contradicts the confusing allegation. First, a Twitter user pointedly inquires about the proposed episode. So, Mr. Cox comes out metaphorically swinging.

Immediately, Memphis Bleek confidently conteds, “ever cap in the world. In addition, an array of distinguished “caps” are used to affirm his account.