Rumor: Mayweather Gets a “Get Out Of Jail Free” Card to Fight Pacquiao?!

Floyd Mayweather just got an official “get out of jail free” card so that he can fight an “unnamed” opponent on Cinco De Mayo in Las Vegas. This fight is reported to rake in more than $100 million for the Vegas economy and will take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena! This has to be the anticipated Mayweather/ Manny Pacquiao boxing fans everywhere have been getting on their knees at night and praying for.

Mayweather was supposed to turn himself in yesterday to begin his 90-day jail sentence for domestic violence; however, Justice of the Peace Melissa Saragosa has ruled to allow Mayweather to begin his 90-day stint on June 1 so he can fight and so Vegas can rake in that dough. This judge must be a huge boxing fan, or maybe she doesn’t think attacking your ex-girlfriend, while your two kids watch, is a serious enough offense.

In true Money Mayweather fashion, the fighter came to the court with his washed-up celebrity friends, including former rap star and plastic surgery victim Lil’ Kim and former porn star, I mean R&B artist, Ray J.

Get ready for the biggest fight of the year on May 5th – Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao is my best guess. If not Pacquiao, who do you think Mayweather will be jousting with?

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  • David Sentongo

    big ups to that judge ha. 

    David Sentongo
    Twitter: @davesentongo:twitter 

  • Masterful_Ronin

    I love Mayweather as a boxer, but I really hope Pacquiao can bring his ego down a notch. If this turns out to NOT be Mayweather vs Pacquiao, I’ma be mad as hell!

    • SugarShane333

      Pacquiao doesn’t want to fight Floyd.  He’s already proved that by not changing his line up once he found out the May 5th date was open.  Pac KNOWS he can’t win.  Hell, Marquez beat him 3 times, and Floyd is a much much better boxer than Marquez has ever been.  Floyd will ruin Pacquiao.  I’ll be going to this fight for sure whenever it finally happens.  Not sure about May 5th though…

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  • rep87

    it want be mayweather vs pacquiao fight the fighters are asking for to much money to where the promotors arent making enough so the promotors would rather put on three fights and take in 25million a fight rather than earn 10 or 15 million off one fight, mayweather is demanding 60 million and cut of payper view and off the gate, a business man cant see himself doing that .promotors are greedy and taking very little risk while true boxing fans are force to watch the champion in low risk fights because greed of promoters. its 90percent bizness 10percent sports

  • TruthSerum

    I’m usually against Celeb’s getting preferential treatment but for this I’ll make an exception, lol, we been waiting on this forever it seems like

  • Cedric Lee

    well considering i’m pretty sure who’s gonna win that match, i’d rather watch him fight sergio martinez instead. martinez would be a bigger challenge than manny and im not sure that mayweather will beat martinez since martinez is quicker and bigger. floyd does have better defense though.


       Martinez isn’t faster than Floyd, are you smoking crack?



    I was thinking about Canceling my rooms, once i heard he got the 90 days.
    But something told me. ” mr vegas wasnt bout to do a bid, before
    The cinci de mayo, fight. Lol.

    Vegas would lose to much money. Floyd smart, he prolly already knew, he was going to get a 60-90 day bid months ago. That why months ago, he announced his fight,
    Although pac didnt signed yet.

    I thought, he would pull an lidsney lohan, and do a week tops,
    Before getting out on early release…/ prison to crowded.

    Looks like we heading out west after all……

    Vegas fight night!!!!!!!!!!!

    Aint nothing like it………… Last floyd fight, we went to in
    06″ floyd vs zab

    Floyd going to go in

  • Glen Mo Green King

    Money might fight Pac, but I think the fight will be against Canelo Alvarez, Big Time Mexican fighter, that would get BIG MONEY on Cinco de Mayo

  • i wanna see mayweather beat the breaks off pacman. if mayweather dont fight him though send his ass to jail to do is 90 day bid lol

  • AgentForty9andZero

    Give the boxing fans what they wont baby! Its May Day!

  • King Cold

    May 5…. Mayweather whoops pac man’s ass. GAME OVER!!!!!!!

  • GottaBeGooz

    LOL @ 
    the fighter came to the court with his washed-up celebrity friends, including former rap star and plastic surgery victim Lil’ Kim and former porn star, I mean R&B artist, Ray J.

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      • mike malarkey

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  • Tony G.

    don’t get ya hopes up for Manny and Floyd

  • Royal_Chiefa

    As long as Bob Arum is living we’ll never see Mayweather – Pacquiao. Arum knows after the Marquez fight that Manny would get waxed in a bad way against Mayweather. Why throw his cash cow in with Mayweather when he can continue to match him up with Top Rank fighters and keep all the money in house.

    My guess, we’ll see Mayweather – Alvarez or Mayweather – Martinez on May 5..