Lil Wayne “Sasaraf”

[ahh_audio src=/5-29-12/LilWayne-Sasaraf.mp3]

  • brotha_man

    weak, weak, weak……super weak

  • brotha_man

    you dont skate ol’ man stop lying…………I going back to 90’s rap until this shit change.

    • anemia716

       Same. 90’s and underground.


  • brotha_man

    big krit and Jay electronica where yall at

  • NAWWW WAYNE let me see you do a kickflip FOH

  • Billionz


  • brotha_man

    lupe need to murk this negro fake skate board

  • 2twelve

    why dont his voice sound like dat why dont it sound like carters albums its so squeaky

  • all u do is kiss that birdman in the mouth bitch nigga

  • Get off the sk8 board and put some real time in the studio nigga falling off hitting yo head to many times 

  • LouisianaHotBoy

    Come on Wayne, whats really going on homie??