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Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Obama Ether Gucci Mane!?!

“Gucci, I had to do it.”

There have been so many Gucci Mane rumors on the site that I haven’t been able to get a rumor in edge-wise. But, last week was the presidential debate where Obama leveled the playing field against Rommey. Some say he ethered the Mormon, but lets just say its equal for now. Well, I heard that somebody was a casualty of war on that great, presidential battle.

I heard that very night, Gucci Mane had a listening session for his new album, which I believe is called Trap God. Anyway, I was told that the crowd was very sparse and people simply didn’t show up.

Now, the real question is: did the hood (Atlanta music elite) go to see the debate or did they just not come out to support Gucci Mane?

Here are some of the recent rumors around Gucci Mane!

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  • Why would anyone go to a listening party for a person with an ice cream on his face? If you can answer that Illseed, I suggest you run for president!

  • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

    And today is only monday all hip hop the fox news of rap news

  • They didn’t support Gucci or the debaters.

    • MuthaFuka Jones


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  • all u gotta say is “theres an ice cream cone on ya face” and he’d be son’d

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      i dont like his music but i cant judge a nicca cause he got ice cream tat on his face when i kno killers who get aa tear drop now i rather et ice cream then cry i cant judge aa man off a tat but lyrically he is trash

      • jay

        Neither should do neither if that made any sense.

  • johnblacksad

    mixtapes have listening parties?

  • This is the funniest shit I heard inna while xD
    No wonder I don’t come here anymore.
    lmao so it is either a gucci mane party or the debate huh?
    There was a debate tonight I wonder what was the only other option for people to be doing last night xD you gonna have to call yourself mr.fantastic now cause your rumors be streeeeetchin’ boyo.

    • Casor_Greener

      Pretty sure this was a joke dumbass

      • Mos High

        Things fly over peoples head to easliy

  • mike malarkey

    well they came out for gucci in dc the following night in dc at stadium and it was jumpin

  • Kaydee Kaine

    with over 250k downloads from DatPiff, over 10k seeders at MixtapeTorrent and not to mention sales of Trap God from iTunes and other media outlets, Gucci Man is doin fine. damn near everybody is bangin that Trap God right now.

    • Mos High

      Im not suprised there is enough people to support that stuff, hey thats like 260k people would probably thought they were getting free licks of ice cream. 2012 come for real “trap god” this brother is wack just my opinion

  • The article is silly within itself…Gucci or Presidential Debate? Seriously

  • shayleshay

    All this beefin wit everybody and you cant even get niggas to show up to ya release party. Cant everybody be 50 cent.

  • shayleshay

    Gucci’s music sucks. Thats why nobody showed up. Plus beef is played out, and gucci aint 50 cent, so yeah.

  • CaliTransplant

    must have been a slow rumors day…wack