Kanye West

Hip-Hop Rumors: Kanye Gone Cray?

I thought the new section was going to pick this story up since its not a rumor.

But they didn’t so I thought WE’D talk about it. What is going on with Mr. West? the dude decided to rock a mask to a recent show at Revel.

It was all-white everything, but I’m not exactly sure what that means!

Man, Kanye officially killed that kilt! Peep the pics!

Mannnnn, Ye looking like a Bigfoot wildebeest in that last pic!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Numbuh Four

    That last Kanye pic…Boy Yeezy on stage looking like a Wookie f*cked a Storm Trooper

    nothing new…just some more Kanye sh*t

    Kanye to me is like New York City personified…so much abnormal sh*t happens on a daily basis that you stop caring so much after a while. You could see a Transformer shoot outta the ground in New York and everybody would just shrug their shoulders like “Eh..just some Tuesday sh*t.” That’s how it is with Kanye and clothing.

    • hahah good point! Good analogy I was thinking wookie also.

    • LOL~N @ Wookie Fugging a Storm Trooper!

    • Q.

      “looking like a Wookie f*cked a Storm Trooper”


    • Carlos

      thanks, i needed a good laugh, had a tough week.

  • andone

    that fit is vicious… dont lie yall if some ninja kicked in ur door wearing that ud prolly ish ur draws lol…

    but seriously tho ppl gonna run up in here talkin “suspect” bout dude but they jus dont understand that hes a tru artist/musician… mic jackson, prince, african bambada, slick rick, andre 3000, elvis, kiss, twisted sister, ect all received criticism for their way of doing things but it didnt change the fact that they have made their mark in history and so will kanye… so f^(k wat the haters say u “cant tell me nothin”, the music speaks for itself!!!

    • Numbuh Four

      Kanye’s not even “suspect”, he’s just unnecessarily abstract at times. It gets to the point where it seems he’s trying to do absolutely anything to be different; it works but that doesn’t take away from the corniness of it. Kanye could sh*t on his sneakers and walk around with it on all day and motherf*ckers would just call it “art” ’cause it’s Kanye…Naw them some sh*tty azz sneakers homie..

      Kanye can’t even just go to the grocery store. He has to fly there in an alien spaceship with 3 chains, 4 watches, a snake skin shirt, gold plated shoes, leather pants and a coat made of baby mammoth fur that he had cloned just so he could skin it…A hat with pterodactyl wings attached to each side clogging up space in the isles.

      Like…I’m trynna get these Wheaties and Kanye’s clothes all in the way…sit yo b*tch azz down Kanye…

      You see what I mean though???

      • andone

        u have an opinion about kanye and so do i… lets just stick to the facts tho and not speculate on wat the general public “would” assume or how things “seem”… feel free to criticize u have every right to, but i’d jus like to say dont let an appearance of a cover allow u to judge the book… dude is a unique individual i see we can agree wit that but there is much more there than meets the eye and thats my point… hell even albert einstein was also ridiculed for being “unnecessarily abstract”… so no i dont see wat u mean… jus some food for thought!!

      • That ‘chet is Hot!

        Pretty soon, everyone is going to follow his lead & dress like a gay homeless person!

      • andone

        look my G im not ashamed that i can honestly appreciate as well as respect a person for wat/who they are… whether its deemed popular or not, because ima be true to my principles and value’s no matter the time of day…

        so wit that being said, that fit is next level sh!t obviously(gay or not)…

        and if sheep wish to copy wat they see on t.v thats on them… u deff wont catch me in no kilt tho, thats a bet… jus cuz they do, it wouldnt change how i carry myself… i aint jumpin off no bridge after any man!!

      • Yeah, but these youngins will.

      • andone

        sad but true, i see wat ur saying… and im not claiming i like kanye as a person, lol even obama called dude a jerk which i agree wit… but i can appreciate and respect him for not giving a f^(k and doin him @ all costs… he owes nobody nothin!!

      • hoeyuno

        ha ha. gay homeless ppls are the shiznat.. what the fucj is wrong with kanye west. you know when he was trying that costume on in the gay homeless Halloween section at the louie store even kim was shaking her head..

      • The industry promotes homosexuality or jail heading lifestyles.

        Lil B & Lil Wayne but no Immortal Tech / Jedi Mind Tricks?

      • hoeyuno

        have u heard vinnie paz’s new album ….shit sick as he’ll!!!!

      • hoeyuno

        the industry has never really had to change tho.. its easy selling teenage kids a tough guy image. but clearly the record sales point to a change is needed… I really don care what mainstream rap does tho cause we need to keep doing what its doing for the rest of hiphop to survive tho..

      • hoeyuno

        hell I mean.

      • Hip Hop will survive….RAP is deader than a doornail.

      • Numbuh Four

        I don’t eat Cheetos though…

        Did you just compare Kanye to Einstein? Oh….

        Kanye isn’t some mad genius with an incomprehensible fashion sense IMO…he’s just some guy who’s into fashion that thinks over-exuberance = deep and profound. He’s a part of the Lady Gaga meat dress generation of fashion. The “make-em say wow” era…like A$AP Rocky and them dresses..

        He’s incredibly talented in multiple fields though. We’re not talking about his music; he’s like the black Dr.Frankenstein when he’s in that studio, a mad scientist with crazy skill. Dude is somewhat consistent with greatness on wax; more on account of his immense level of charisma than his rapping skill, just like Tupac. (Did he just compare Kanye to the GAWD Tupac???) Yeah he did…wtf of it?

        I’m not saying your boy Dorothy with the bright red sneakers and blouses is inept in anyway, or that he’s trash on a music tip at all. I’m saying the man dresses how he dresses simply for attention; which is understandable in today’s endless hustle for the slightest bit of spotlight by entertainment personalities, yet still annoying as hell. IMO though…Kanye would be a lot more well received if he’d drop his album, does his tour and promotion..e.t.c and then go hide in a secret cave with Al Qaeda operatives and Blockbuster employees like Eminem does..

      • andone

        i didnt compare einstein to west… i was only referring to their oddness and how it didnt/wont have an impact even in the “slightest” when it comes to their contributions in their respective fields, thats all… so dont take my words out of context it was simply an analogy(u kno wat i meant)…

        like i said ur entitled to ur opinion and thats all it is, purely an opinion…

        ur clearly exaggerating and being way to sarcastic… for wat purpose, who know’s but its gettin hard to take u serious @ this point… bottom line tho all the things u labeled kanye would have to apply to all the other great artists who had major success… gap band were jus attention seekers… rose royce must have been dorthy’s… jimi hendrix oh so desperately needed the spotlight jus to be remembered then right… SMH u are not helping ur argument so ima have to dismiss ur reply/rant as irrelevant/pointless dude, never mind asap rocky, lady gaga or eminem!!

      • Numbuh Four

        No point? Your guy would wear a duck suit if it got him a paparazzi session. The main point was that despite his immense talent; Kanye is an attention whore and will do anything (including dressing noticeably flamboyant) for some press. I don’t know why you keep bringing up Kanye’s music as that was never the topic; you seem to think that someone is attacking his credentials, which isn’t the case.

        We’re not bringing his talent into question, or his mark on pop culture; just his hunger for a spotlight that shines bright on him whenever he does something musically; it’s just that he wants it on him all the time: when he walks to the store, when he changes his socks. To critique his “artistic” vibe outside of music you wouldn’t have to go outside of the channels of his own work to find the words. “Sophisticated ignorance; write my curses in cursive” That explains Kanye right there; he’s not a thought provoking profound individual, as much as a guy who uses abstract subjects to catch attention and proceeding to sprinkle mentions of wealth over it to make it seem high class.

        Of course you’re gonna name drop a few people that did somewhat the same thing and seemingly convince yourself that it justifies it in any way. Jimi Hendrix did this…Elvis and Prince did that…None of them were/are perfect people but their music and influence will stand the test of time, much like Kanye’s. Kanye is a legend, that’s not being argued, but if all you have to say is “So and so did it like this so you can’t get at Kanye” then this is done. So and so didn’t live in an era so driven on media influence as this; the era where everyone with a cell phone is suddenly a reporter, creating the need to be in a a notable position or wear that attention grabbing mink in 80 degree weather just to get them talking at all times. I’m done replying though, if you still don’t get what I’m saying then f*ck it.

      • andone

        all that jus to repeat urself…

        i said my peace and u choose to chime in as if i asked a question… my comment was a complete thought @ no point was i lookin for anybody’s opinion yet u felt compelled to reply like i had directed my post towards someone im particular… to that all i can say is, if the shoe fits then wear it… i cant help it if u refuse to get off that high horse u rode in on, nor am i attempting to change ur point of view either cuz thats not my m/o to begin wit… but jus kno that wit those never ending paragraphs ur only furthering my point about how ppl gonna “run” up in here talkin “suspect”(not limited to homo shots) bout dude, look how many came thru including urself… also ironically ur own reply reads kanye this and kanye that, so like i said i basically have no other choice but to write u off especially since u have yet to state any facts or refute any of my original points…

        1) that fit is vicious-and it is
        2)ppl gonna hate-and they did
        3)hes not afraid of pushing the envelope aka tru artist-and he is imo
        4)antics/controversy/wardrobe aside he is makin history-without a doubt in my mind
        5) the music speaks for itself-and it does

        forget all those other examples i provided, cuz ultimately that kanye is an attention whore sh!t talkin goes out the window wit jus one bar… “i dont do no press… but i get the most press KIDD”

        i now rest my “case”!!!

      • Numbuh Four

        In an entirely opinionated argument facts are pointless…

        1) I don’t agree…
        2) Not liking = Hate…Oh…
        3) He pushes the envelope…never said he wasn’t a true artist, but don’t use his artistry as a way to cover his attention whoring
        4) Without a doubt…never said otherwise
        5) Yes it does…

        “i dont do no press… but i get the most press KIDD”

        Don’t do press events but does nearly every other thing in the attention whore pamphlet that he and his girl co-wrote …legend without a doubt…attention whore IMO..we’re done though..convo lasted longer than it needed to..SALUTE!!!

      • andone

        “In an entirely opinionated argument facts are pointless”…

        if thats ur way of sayin sorry then ill take it into consideration(to be determined) but as far as im concerned my first statement was for the most part, based on facts…

        1)vicious, meaning intimidating when/if confronted/threatened by… thats safe to say(no pun intended)

        2)i never said i liked it myself, but i also didnt cry about it(why u mad?)

        3)solely another opinion on ur behalf



        and btw it was never an argument… the same way it was never a convo!!!

      • You reaching a bit deep there bruh..abstract? There is a huge difference between “abstract” and “LOOK AT ME!!!” the latter which has been his ploy since diamonds.

      • andone

        u obviously didnt read my comment…. because “abstract” wasnt my words!!

      • Word.

  • AK

    its all a image

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  • Fukurpost

    That would be crazy if he hired somebody else to perform for him lol Yeezy pulled a MF Doom

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Kanye looks like a white chewbacca…

  • hoeyuno

    seed that is the funniest post u ever did. but that’s yeti not bigfoot. and fugg ye. and if u buy his album and contribute to this fruity shit fugg u to.

  • brotha_man

    thats what happens when u mess wit white girl…..sistas dont play that mess

  • Kanye-GaGa?

  • Oknas

    kanye wanna be white lol

  • Q.

    Lady KaKa?

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  • Everyone’s always trying to apply some mystical meaning to every new thing these rappers do, when most of the time they are just doing it for attention, and it’s clearly working.

    Crazy attracts attention. So does the illusion of crazy.

  • dayleedumped

    you guys actin kinda homo talkin about another mans swag( i guess the point of him dressing like that huh) … but yall should worry about yall, he just doin him.

    • churchboy2

      Talking about what’s homo but still using the word “swag”?
      – Pardom me, I had to laugh at that.

    • Sean Taylor

      hi homo you juggle tha balls dont cha dayleedumped

  • Just come out the closet cuz…love your music but he’s two earrings, a blouse, and a skirt away from…oh wait he already wore most of that..this dude gets more of passes than a bus driver for flat out bull..this ain’t no artistic shh..sorry to break it but that ishh has nothing to do with art..at all..if it does please do explain.

  • Looks like a series of rituals if you ask me.

  • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

    The show looked dope. He only wore them for particular tracks. Yall are wack.

  • speedy37

    This fagg is insane.

  • lol kanye in year 5025 on yall lol

  • Vic Sage

    Give me Ol’School True School Hip-Hop lyrics and lyricists any day over this truly hot garbage bullsht clowns manaj’s and Wayne’s classified as Hip-Hop of today. Word is Born. True Talk. Brooklyn Lives. Born and Raised. Early…

  • kered gnuoy

    he tries to hard. ok kanye you have our attention, what do you want?

  • This nigga lost his mind after his mom’s death. That’s all I can blame it on. Everyone handles it differently