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Pebbles Demanding VH1 Retract Her Portrayal In TLC Movie

(AllHipHop News) In the recent TLC biopic broadcasted on VH1, the girl group’s creator Peri “Pebbles” Reid is clearly presented as the antagonist of the movie. After putting the Atlanta trio together, her character is portrayed as an overly stern taskmaster who purposely withheld money from the members despite their continued success.

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While T-Boz and Chilli have stated that the version of their ex-manager you see in CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story is accurate, Pebbles says the movie was false and defamatory. She is now working with her attorney to demand VH1 to make retractions to the scenes about her.

Pebbles released a statement via Twitter saying “this unprovoked attack has been extremely upsetting to me and my family.” She adds that she “never cheated or mislead anyone” and it is “time the truth comes out.”

The TLC Story was a big hit for VH1. The original airing brought in 4.5 million viewers.

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  • YungKizz

    boohoo pebbles u played TLC bad an u no it too sorry

  • RichFromBX

    now she’s offended? for years, back when Left Eye was alive, the whole group has always said that Pepples played them dirty…seems like that Egyptian river is running deep here


      Truth hurts my friend… Truth hurts

  • She screwed them out of millions and she wants to play the victim? They sold 10 million units and, according to them, got $50k each. Please go back, count your money and be quiet. This can’t end well for you.

  • Arth Monroe aka DJ ARTH

    Is that the pebbles who sang mercedes boy back in the day?

  • Homegrown Chicks

    No way you justify your artists receiving 50k and three cars our of 10million units sold! NONE!! Like someone else said, you ain’t foul Pebbles? Well, “show me the receipts”!

    • Brando Williams

      Well said! Theres no freaking way in hell you sell 10 million albums and only have one million to split between three people.

  • Romia Blue

    the problem with this is all but Left Eye are still here to corroborate TLC’s side of the story. The lawyer they shared, the group manager who appeared to have saved them with the $30 mil up front tour etc., the original Chilli, I’m quite sure the original contracts are still in a vault somewhere. The mil per letter they had to pay Pebbles to outright own the name TLC. She ain’t say nothin before because Left Eye was the right one to haul off and slap a heaux. 1st album – 4x platinum. 2nd album – diamond PLUS another mil. 3rd album – 6x platinum. Come on now…not the same genre but when you compare it to their labelmate’s Outkast’s success…damn near mirrored (except Kast had more albums). She bought them RAV4s lmao…woo.

    • Dubz

      She bought them cars with their own money…now thats cold

  • MrNoName2K

    lol talkin bout karma

  • ant662

    she’s crooked but she can get it any day.

  • Patrick DeLisser

    It is totally understanding why Pebbles is upset. It is not because it was character assassination, it is because they aired out the truth for millions to see. Pebbles was their manager, and they were signed to her as artists under her subsidiary of LaFace Records. That right there is a conflict of interest by itself. Your manager should be the one who fights for your rights when the label is trying to pimp you. She was playing both sides of the fence, and getting paid twice. Secondly, your lawyer can’t represent you and the label you are under at the same time. That is another conflict. TLC signed the same type of contract that New Edition signed with Maurice Starr. Which is why after sales and a concert they each made less than $100.00. The extra catch is that TLC broke their contract with Pebbles when they agreed to be signed directly to LaFace. That right there was costly. But business is business. People forget that Pebbles was a artist herself that I am sure got jerked. And remember LA & Babyface were once in a band that was signed to a label as well. I am sure they got jerked also. They all learned the real money is behind the scenes. And mind you, LaFace was under Arista. So they had to answer to Clive Davis. And Clive is one of the biggest pimps in the game.

    • Chris

      “It is not because it was character assassination, it is because they aired out the truth for millions to see”


  • brollya

    and her tweet sounded like how she was talkin in dat movie….. it dont matter if the rearranged it, the world already seen how the bitch is

  • Brando Williams

    Karma sucks does it not?