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Hip-Hop Rumors: Peter Gunz Aired Out His Cheating on ‘LHHNY’ For Money

Now that Peter Gunz has aired out his love triangle with Tara and Amina on Love & Hip-Hop, he has some explaining to do. The biggest question people have is, why would he do this knowing he would get hardcore busted. Welp, he did it for the money and because he knew that his sloppiness would get him caught up anyway but really more because of the money.

Peter Gunz chatted wit Sway and talked about how he’s strapped for cash. His single, “Deja Vu” did well but Steely Dan got all the money from that because they own the publishing. Gunz said that despite having rich friends,” he didn’t want to mooch off of anyone so he moved forward with Love and Hip-Hop.

“I was gonna get busted anyway so let me get paid to get busted,” he said. Hey, at least he’s holding himself accountable. Check out the full interview below (money conversation starts at about 4:55).

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    • brotha_man

      yeah but these cats got kids and stuff. not good for the youngins’

      ” Keep yo baby out the street” – Tre styles

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        yup and we tend to monkey see monkey doo …. longggggg before we LISTEN, LEARN and IMPLEMENT !!!! and thats not just a a black thing … thats humans in general !!!!!!!!!!

  1. ChicagosHope

    So I guess it’s money over life, love and privacy??? It’s sad cuz I love my black people, but we doing this to each other, all for entertainment. I hate reality shows.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      money got all these chicks on instagram exposing themselves it got our brothers in 2013 still rapping about selling death to our own people it keeps black on black crime relevant and imo the worst part about it …… its making our kids growing up to fast !!

  2. Smashit

    This is LIFE – this not black or white – everyday somebody somewhere making the wrong decision over sex – somebody wife pregnant for they brother somebody husband got they sister pregnant – but when you see it on a black show it’s a big deal? This type of s*it on Murray EVERYDAY and that show been on forever – easy to say what you want about Peter but look in the mirror & see how perfect your life is… right it’s not & nobody’s life is – like he said hopefully some of us will learn from this and NOT make the same decisions

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      i hear that man but i gotta look @ myself imo i cant say its life … then your giving some people a pass … basically saying that they can live life with out being responsible for thier actions … theres been plenty of times i could of went in with out a rubber … but guess what i didnt ….. there were plenty of times i could of hit one of my friends girls ,.. but guess what i didnt ….. there were plenty of times females in a commited relation offered me some BUT GUESS WHAT I TURNED IT DOWN ASAP !!!!!!!!!!! we all have a choice … you either choose to do what right … or you choose to do whats wrong … simple as THAT … if you choose to do what wrong then you HAVE TO ACCEPT WHAT COMES AFTER !! and that may also include some people saying bad things about you …… there are pros n cons to everything …. even being responsible .. CAUSEE YOU DONT GET NO POINTS FOR IT !!!!!!!!!!! but thats something i gotta live with and be happy and proud that i have something most people lose early on and that my INTEGRITY !!!!!!!!! but one thing i will say ………… in the defense of people who make the wrong choices ……………. i would say not really life …. but the WORLD WE LIVE IN !!!!!!!! cause life is earth imo …… if all we had was EARTH things would be way different … but since we now live in this world where theres social networking theres different levels of living class theres manufactured beauty $$$$$$$$$ material …. imo it really just adds to alot of the f*ckery thats going on …. IMO this WORLD IS BUILTS FOR US TO LOSE in my juelz santana voice …. its far too easy to fail @ life then it is to SUCCEED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its takes alot to succeed !!!!! but it dont take much to fail … real talk …… so in light of that IM NOT SURPRISED !!!!!!!! but we need to strengthen up SMARTEN UP NAS DOT COM STYLE !!!!!!! lol

  3. vandyll

    His life is typical of most rappers. They do a lot of fronting and the masses eat it up. But I’ve seen with my own eyes how a few were living. Not what you think at all. All them chains, and cars, and clothes is pure bullshit. The only thing authentic are the women they have. That is true them niggas be phuking some fine ass females but that’s cause bitches are gullible and quick to chase a dream.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      ha ha that is some real ish … ive came accross alot myself and first encounter im like dude is doing great crazy car nice house ….. lol as time goes on and YOU really start to get to know this ARTIST …. you like hold …. this chick owns this HOUSE !!!!! oh snap that car he WAS DRIVING (cause now they asking you for a ride LOL) was the girls car TOO !!!!!!!! ….. like ive been saying its too many chicks ouchea doing ish like this like there aint NO REAL NUGGAZ ouchea THAT ARE REALLY THAT DUDE NO FRONTING !! and CHANCES ARE HE AINT NO RAPPER !!!!!!! nor IS HE A HUSTLER or HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH ENTERTAINMENT and it could be a simple as the Manager @ Penara Bread !!!!!!!!!! you never know …. but we live in a monkey see monkey do world … not all but a good amount of woman chase after entertainers, married men, guys with big cake or guys already in a relationship, jailed, criminals. etc…… which in a sense is contributing to the downfall of our society … i guranteed theres probably a chick right now reading my comment who is harboring a criminal right now … she pays all the bills while hes out selling drugs or ploting some kind of criminal act or better yet dragging her with him thru his lackluster entertainment career ETC>>>>>!!!!!! yet there are guys ouchea just earning a modest under the radar income that they overlook every day !!

      • vandyll

        Lmao! That last part you said was the gospel itself. “Dragging her with him thorough his lackluster entertainment career.” Lmao! How true. Real talk I know bout a few heads that are in the industry some behind the scenes n some in front of the camera. The niggas with the most money are the behind the scenes people. They the ones you walk by everyday( if you live up here in the NY area ) and u have no clue they the ones turning the screws for them niggas that get worshipped. Now I will never name any names because like they say “the game is to be sold, not told” n these niggas do a great job of selling that fraud. But I’ll tell you this I work a real good 9-5 n I’m willing to bet my paycheck cause I know for a fact I got more cake than them niggas. Matter of fact I know DJ’s that are out here making more than rappers. Phuk them broke lying as niggas. But don’t get it twisted there are actually a couple underground doods making bank. Not millionaire money but way more than the average person. Salute to them.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        its crazy right i mean pete exposed the truth … people renting cars and houses to look better on these shows … lol .. .who yall think he talking about ?? lol if you rent cars you know the types that are rentable LOL if thats a word LOL … but i aint going to say names but as far as RENTALS goes enterprise is handing out Eclass and Cclass mercedes … thats all im going to say LOL yall figure out who im talkin bout …… lol ….. sn the public would be in shock if they found out how some of thier fave entertainers are REALLY living ….. and its SORT of another reason why i salute woman .. in a sense they have been the back bone and the true MAN of our culture and upbringing for a longggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg time ……. lol our men for the longest have been running ducking and dodging responsibility …. and most woman dont recognize that these guys are BOYS !! and would probably call a shy non-social scientist a BOY long before they do that to these guys they are chasing after ……………… love is love … but we all HAVE EYES !!!! & EARS !!!!!!!! USE THEM !!!!!! BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SEE !!!!! AND ONLY LISTEN TO HALF OF WHAT IS BEING SAID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ItGoesDownINtheDM

    i can respect that @least hes being real unlike alot of other folks that go on this show … but damn homey !! i mean we kind of already knew that we seen wifey or should i say BABY moms was holding it down … and you sleeping on queen beds @ the side piece joint … im sure if you were still doing good we would of seen your crib by now lol … sadily this is what a females chases after … broke rappers …. but i undersstand it cause it was all in the pursut for fame !!!!!!! FAME IS A HELL OF A DRUG !!!!!!!!!!!! lol it even got chicks fighting over rich dollars lol … i bet alot of these never had a chick fight over them be the fame $$$$$$ and public image ……… i had it go down in my high school years so i know i’ll drive em mad if they ever put me on TV lol

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