Dear Andre 3000

Dear Andre 3000, I always had a feeling that this day would come. I saw it coming ever since you and Big Boi dropped the ATLiens album. At The Source Awards back in 1995 when you told the unruly New York crowd “I’m tired of closed minded people”. When you had on the military jacket… Read more »



Matthew Hall Remembered

The death of Matthew Hall has been widely publicized lately by the media circuits here in New York and there have been numerous despicable assertions, which are trying tarnish his legacy. He was a good friend to me so please read this first if you will write a news article about him. If you are… Read more »



Hip Hop Ya Don’t Stop

What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? This is the question faced by the current hip hop artist. As defined by Cheryl L. Keyes, the author of the book Rap Music and Street Consciousness, "Hip Hop is an urban youth arts movement comprised of graffiti, emceeing, disc… Read more »



Ceditorial: Outsiders Peer Inside

Ok, I don’t know how many of you are sick of people trying to destroy our culture and/or the feelings within the hip-hop community. But the one thing I can’t stand is when someone who doesn’t understand, know or want to know what the culture is about, spews ignorant statements towards a positive group of… Read more »



The Role of Politics In Hip-Hop

“dead prez means dead the fu**ing president” This ominous message greets visitors that venture to socially conscious hip-hop artist Dead Prez (DP)’s official web site. However, with all forms of music it takes more than strong statements to entice listeners to hear the message being conveyed. But after moving 400,000 units of their debut album… Read more »


I Finally Met Aaliyah

It’s a shame we had to meet this way, Aaliyah. Today, I stood among your many fans honoring your life, mourning your death, and praying for your eternal rest. You probably had no idea how many lives you’d touched. Fans from all walks of life gathered together in your name. Young women who eerily resembled… Read more »



Open letter to Damainion Ewell

I have never been moved to write to your site before – but having read this open letter I felt the urge. I am a Hip-Hop fan also and have been listening to the music for about as long as you. I can remember when beats DIDN’T all sound the same, when there wasn’t an… Read more »



Russell Simmons: A New Black Leader?

The emergence of Hip Hop entrepreneur Russell Simmons as an establishment-endorsed political leader of the new generation of Blacks gives me pause. Being a member of this new generation, I think this should be put on the table for discussion. Why have mainstream media’s political pundits given Russell Simmons an open mic? He’s a guest… Read more »



Has Hip-Hop Been ‘Souled’ Out?

Forget Michael Jackson–the face of hip-hop has changed more dramatically within the last three years than MJ’s reconstructed front piece has in the last three decades. And kinda like Mike, the change hasn’t been all for the better. Once upon a time, the only thing a Black kid from the ‘hood was able to successfully… Read more »



Barry’s Beats

When Barry White’s essence left this earth on the morning of July 4th, a large chunk of music history was lost. Not just R&B, Soul or whatever you feel like calling it. All music. His contributions to R&B music are common knowledge, but sadly many a hip-hop head is unaware of the influence Barry White… Read more »