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Hip-Hop Rumors: Dre’s “Detox” Gets a Preview! Tupac Movie News!! Nicki Minaj’s 5-Year Plan?!

Detox Gets A Preview and Dre Prioritizes Kendrick and Slim! By the sound of it, the track could be called “Hey Young World.” The video was captured at Encore Studios in L.A. Keep holding your breath for a full album, though… Dre recently spoke to Global Grind and told them about his decision to focus… Read more »


Jason Spencer

Hip-Hop Meets the House of Blues in Atlantic City: A Conversation with Jason Spencer

Atlantic City is home to casinos, gambling, entertainment, fine dining, and the #1 House of Blues location in the United States in terms of ticket sales and the number of shows scheduled. In a place like Atlantic City, which rests in between New York City and Philadelphia, sights, sounds, and exquisite tastes are never in… Read more »