Cam’ron Claps Back At Women Who Criticize His Cooking Skills

Cam’ron usually keeps a clap back or two for the haters, so the Dipset leader wasn’t going to let a few women slide with comments on his Instagram.

Cam’ron recently filmed a cooking segment, ‘Cooking With Cam’ron’ with Noisey. While you would think most are intrigued to see their favorite rappers throw down in the kitchen, many just were critical as most fans are under a celebrity’s post.

Cam took a moment to check his female haters who were criticizing him for allegedly not cleaning his steak before he cooked it.

Cam’ron says he actually did clean the steak, but those in production edited it out. After clearing up whether or not he cleans meat before he cooks it, Cam had a question for the same critical women. Cam asked,

“But on another note does ya man clean his meat b4 u put it in ya mouth?”

He went on to say,

“Worried about my steak? and y’all lick sweaty balls every day B #UgonnaSuckitOrNot.”

When are people going to stop messing with Cam’ron on the ‘gram?

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