Jacob Terry


Philly rapper T$AN is looking to launch himself into the mainstream in 2022 after having proved himself with a prolific run through the underground scene over the past year or two since his Farewell EPintroduced us to the charismatic young artist. “Wasted” was brought to life by CASEUNO Films whose direction matches the energy of the […]


Jimmy Bolt – “Mink Bars”

Continuing on the momentum of last year’s successes with a slew of releases planned for 2022, Houston rapper Jimmy Bolt isn’t slowing down for anything or anyone as he stunts his way to the forefront of our minds with his new visual, “Mink Bars. This time around Jimmy Bolt is giving fans a glimpse into his life in all aspects. From the […]

Jimmy Bolt - "Mink Bars"

Elijah Dai- “Over You”

Elijah Dai’s new single” Over You” illustrates the journey of Elijah attempting to get over a previous relationship, coaching himself in letting go. But it’s easier said than done and who says he really WANTS to let go? This leaves him conflicted with letting go or holding on. The single is produced by Elijah’s longtime […]

Elijah Dai- "Over You"