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When you think of musical Mecca’s, Cincinnati, Ohio may not be the first place that comes to mind. However, for the better part of three decades, from the nineteen-sixties up through the late nineteen-eighties, the ‘Nati was the birthplace of some of the most important R&B, funk, and soul records to ever be produced. Legendary […]


ALLHIPHOP: So what’s your current situation with MCA, is it a label deal, production deal, artist deal? HI-TEK: It’s an artist deal, Hi-Tek as an artist. I just do whatever kinda album I wanna do. That’s what MCA is really about. ALLHIPHOP: So are you gonna have the option of introducing new artists, bringing new […]

Mr. Cheeks: Super Star

Before Mr. Cheeks was a household name in hip-hop, the dreded rapper gained critical acclaim as a member of the Lost Boys. When Lost Boyz member Freaky Tah was gunned down, the group soon disbanded. In 2001 Cheeks broke the silence with his solo debut, John P. Kelly, which spawned the hit single "Lights, Camera, […]

T.I.: The Grand Hustler

His debut disc I’m Serious sported production credits from the omnipresent Neptunes and Jazze Pha, yet the combination of stellar beats with his laid-back but intense southern tinged delivery failed to garner widespread recognition (read: sales). Nevertheless it was a regional success with T.I. being a household name in states below the Mason Dixon line. […]

Vita: Stand Up

Last year New Jersey-based rapper Vita anticipated that her long-awaited album, La Vita Dolce ("The Good Life"), would drop under the Murder Inc. banner. Her hopes would never come to fruition. Instead the original female on Murder Inc. would walk away after being signed to the label for over two years. Now, the former Murder […]

Ras Kass: Catch Him If You Can

Much like Van Gogh, a 19th century artist who never attained any real commercial success until after his death, Priority Records recording artist Ras Kass is struggling with similar obstacles to those of the famed painter. The fact that Ras Kass’ never-released third album was entitled Van Gogh, speaks volumes about the frustration felt by […]

Choppa: Line Em

New Orleans is quite possibly Hip-Hop’s best-kept secret and Choppa is set to become the Dirty South’s brightest star. At the tender age of 21, No Limit’s newest protégé is on the verge of taking the N.O. to even bigger heights. With his booming voice, unrelenting personality, and aggressive bounce style of music, Choppa is […]

Joe Budden: Straight To The League

Joe Budden proclaims his freshman album will drop once “Def Jam gets off its ass.” Mighty words from a relative neophyte to the overcrowd game of hip-hop. However, Budden isn’t your average rookie. Through mix tapes and high-powered, visible associations [DJ Clue, Envy], he’s managed to skip Junior varsity squad and jump straight to the […]