Celebs Hop Into #AllHipHopHuntinSeason Challenge To Show They Want The Smoke

Rappers far and wide are hopping in the AllHipHop.com and Jadakiss new rap challenge. While unsigned artists are getting busy, influencers and celebs are finding time to enter the playing field… and they nice…

(AllHipHop News) The #AllHipHopHuntinSeason challenge is in full effect and some of the top lyricists across the world are hoping on the instrumental to rhyme over Jadakiss’ banger “Huntin Season” from his latest album, Ignatius.

Ignatius hit the streets this Spring and offered a refreshing take on The Lox emcee, arguably everyone’s Top 5 Dead or Alive).

A thoughtful and mature record, Kiss proves that as a rapper’s rapper you have to jump lyrics first, on every track. And so this partnership with AllHipHop.com, the premier destination for rap enthusiasts that eat, s##ts and breathes the culture, was a no brainer.

Especially since everyone knows that this is the place where bar-heaviest and swag drippiest emcees pop through for the news that matters most to them.

The competition is rolling and here are some celebrity standouts that are making the contest difficult for those pups out there growling to sit with the big dogs.

Papoose dropped in to kick some bars of fury for the challenge.

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Check out Affion Crockett aka A Croc’s bars, which makes you forget that he actually is a comedian and celebrity impersonator. The “Watch the Clone” emcee spit fire, shooting lyrics like he trying to murk something.


Why would 3DNatee get into a booth and do it to them like that??? #WHY

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Bronx bomber Goodz took a different route and talked directly to the ladies on his freestyle, showing if you are from the cloth of thurl rhyme wrecking, you can talk about anything and make it sound saucy.

“Been stop shaking n##gas hands, f##k a virus!” Ruff Ryda’s own Drag-on got crazy, making you want to go back to that “Down Bottom” joint again.


E-Ness kept Philly fresh with bars as flavorful as a cheesesteak from Geno’s, Pat’s or Jim’s.


Also keeping it Liberty Bell hard was Dutchie from Major Figgas, full dressed in latex gloves, mask and a 76ers fitted, he went bonkers and the young bull was spitting type sick.

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Jadakiss and AllHipHop have been filtering through the freestyles, reposting some of the standouts daily.

Top 10 freestyles will be whittled down to three, where Jadakiss will name his favorites. The winner will be announced by Jadakiss and posted on AllHipHop.com.

The final winner wins a live performance on IG LIVE and a write up on AllHipHop.com. Runners up, get a write up on AllHipHop as well.

All the best!