EXCLUSIVE: Cardi B’s Best Friend Star Brim Delays Prison Surrender For Son’s First Day Of School 

Star Brim and Cardi B

Star Brim was initially ordered to surrender to prison to begin her year-long sentence on RICO charges on July 1.  

Star Brim, the best friend of rap star Cardi B, will hold on to her freedom for a little longer after a judge approved her request to day her prison sentence so she can take her son to his first day of kindergarten. 

In March, a judge sentenced Brim to one year and one day in prison after she pleaded guilty to involvement in criminal activities connected to the 5-9 Brims, a notorious faction of the Bloods street gang.   

Judge George B. Daniels ordered her to surrender to the institution designated by the Bureau of Prisons scheduled on July 1, 2024.  

However, on June 26, her attorney requested that her time to surrender be extended until after her son starts school. The little boy will live with Brim’s sister during her incarceration. Brim would like to be with her son for this milestone. 

“We respectfully request that she be permitted to remain at liberty until September 16, 2024 to allow her son to adjust to his new surroundings and the beginning of school,” the attorney wrote.  

Fortunately for Star Brim, Judge Daniels accepted the request. The surrender date is now adjourned to September 20, 2024.  

Star Brim’s affiliation with Cardi B and the 5-9 Brims Blood gang has been well-documented. She was charged under the RICO Act along with 17 other gang members. Prosecutors alleged Brim was the “Godmother” in the gang. 

Judge Daniels sentenced Brim to a year and a day behind bars, followed by a three-year supervised release. Additionally, the sentence includes stipulations aimed at preventing Brim from reverting to her gang-related past.