Jamie Foxx “Still Not Himself” After Medical Complication Source Says

Friends and insiders give promising but realistic reports on the health of beloved actor.

Fans have been wondering what’s going on with beloved actor and comedian Jamie Foxx and his health.

Foxx suffered a “medical complication” in April while filming the new Netflix movie “Back in Action.”

A source tells People Magazine he’s progressing but “still not himself.” While no specific details about the illness or his progress have been released, some insiders are saying they’ve seen or talked to him— providing proof of development.

One person close to the situation said, “He is getting the best care and working hard to recover right now, but he is still not himself. He has the tightest circle around him.”

Actor John Boyega, who co-starred in “They Cloned Tyrone,” said he spoke to Foxx on the phone recently. Boyega said he was calling him and then “he finally picked up the phone.”

He added, “He’s doing well. And then, you know, we just giving him the privacy, and we can’t wait for his return. I gave him the well wishes directly. I gave him all the well wishes. So, I’m just gonna be waiting until he comes back out here. So, take your time, Jamie. We love you, bro.”

Producer Datari Turner also gave an update on Foxx’s health, saying, “He’s doing amazing. I promise you. Doing really, really good. [Director] Juel [Taylor] talked to him yesterday. John Boyega talked to him yesterday. He’s in really, really good shape and spirits. And he’ll be back on the screen. He’ll be back to work very soon.”