Kanye West Hospitalization Triggered By Stress Over Mother’s Death


<strong>(AllHipHop News)</strong> More details are emerging about Kanye West’s mental health, and the breakdown he suffered that led to the cancellation of his “Saint Pablo Tour.”

Kanye was hospitalized after two dates in California, one in Sacramento and the other in Inglewood.

Sources told TMZ.com that the rapper never properly grieved after his mother passed away in November of 2007.

Stress, a lack of sleep, touring and running his businesses, helped send the rapper to UCLA Medical Center for treatment on November 21.

But, the high profile robbery of his wife Kim Kardashian West in Paris, and his mother’s death, helped send the rapper the edge.

Dr. Donda West died after receiving a tummy tuck and liposuction from celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. Jan. Adams.

In fact, as previously reported, his mother’s funeral was on November 20, the same day he canceled his concert in Los Angeles.

In November 2007, shortly after his mom’s death, Kanye canceled a performance during Victoria’s Secret’s fashion show.

He also broke down on stage during a performance of his song “Hey Mama” at Le Zenith, ironically, in Paris.

Kanye was supposed to be released to his doctors on Monday (November 28), but those plans with scrap, and the rapper will remain hospitalized for the foreseeable future, according to reports.