Pooh Shiesty Boasts From Behind Bars, Was So Rich, “Jay-Z Can’t Even Relate” 

Pooh Shiesty

In addition to bragging about money, Pooh Shiesty issued a chilling warning to his enemies, “im touching down to terrorize.”

Despite being behind bars, Pooh Shiesty has resurfaced on Instagram with a lengthy message for his supporters. 

Last April, a judge sentenced Lontrell Donell Williams Jr. (aka Pooh Shiesty) to 5 years and 3 months in federal prison. The rapper previously pleaded guilty to conspiring to possess firearms in furtherance of crimes of violence and drug trafficking. 

While he shared messages of gratitude in earlier updates, the Shiesty Season mixtape creator’s latest posts were of a more boastful nature. He posted some new jailhouse pics alongside a note, bragging about making so much money that even Jay-Z can’t relate. He also demanded Google fix his net worth estimate.  


“King Shiesty tappin in from the middle of the pennititary aka Hell where they say i cant go , jailing no telling !!” he began. “I still remain Untouched , Millions still in double digits ! tell google fix my networth we can verify that s### right now.” 

He continued: “Yeah im locked up not f##### up. i was 21 up 8 figures jayZ cant even relate my money tripple my followers.”  

After ranting about people “playing with my name,” maintaining he’s still the “Menace of Memphis,’ Pooh Shiesty thanked his supporters.  

“Keep keeping it solid,” he added. “i promise it dont get unnoticed i see everything and got some special for all word is law.” 

Pooh Shiesty Issues A Warning

However, Pooh Shiesty then returned to his foes, issuing a chilling message.  

“The rest of you p###### dead ! keep hating , false advertising , back biting , and counting me out, it up and stuck like a tree house. im touching down to terrorize i gotta dorito on my shoulder im going 100% flamboyant on you f###### clowns ! its all bad for you wild ass n##### ” ALL EYES ON SHIEST ” #NeverCheckedIn #SnitchK #No5k1 #Norule35 #Mr.Omerta,” he concluded.  

Check out his post below.  

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