Goons Or Crackheads? Slim Thug Takes $10k “L”


(AllHipHop Rumors) Soooooo for this one we have to wonder was it a crackhead or just a career criminal that just got Slim Thug like this.

Slim Thug was in the restaurant Houston’s for a business meeting, and while inside he was approached by the police.

He was a little nervous because he had been doing a little bit of smoking previously.

Well it turns out the police actually wanted to talk to Slim because someone broke in to his Rolls Royce.

The thief’s only come up was Slim’s cell phone, as it was the only item of value in the car at the time.

What’s unfortunate is the thief not only messed up Slim Thug’s window, but they also messed up the door.

It’s going to cost Slim Thug, $10K to get it fixed. Luckily, Slim has that good ol’ insurance, but STILL!

How p##### would you be?! That’s some crackhead/broke shhhhh man!