Hip-Hop Rumors: Kanye Talks! Common & Serena? Timbaland Haters Lose!

YESTERDAYS RUMORS! Now, click here for yesterday’s rumors! I have more rumors, but I don’t have time. If you need to occupy your time, there is the rest of the site or my old stuff! I will do my best to add these new exclusive rumors if and when I can! SHOUT OUT TO TIMBALAND […]

YESTERDAYS RUMORS! Now, click here for yesterday’s rumors! I have more rumors, but I don’t have time. If you need to occupy your time, there is the rest of the site or my old stuff! I will do my best to add these new exclusive rumors if and when I can!


I’m hearing that Timbaland is engaged. Now, there are some leaks that he’s not actually engaged. I am here to tell you mainstream media h-words that the man is engaged. A number of outlets are suggesting that Tim and his office “jump-off” had a fling and a baby is on the way. NO. Congrats are still in order. Timbaland is engaged and his fiancé isn’t happy at the way she’s being portrayed! Cut that mess out, wack media!


Saigon has apparently quit rap, but we know that he’d never do that! But he seemed pretty ticked off that people and the media mainly focused on a few minutes of a two-hour video. He’s got reasons and a right, but…you know the media. Sensational stuff is what gets the people talking. I have a perfect example. Saigon did this super positive event with AllHipHop in September called the Social Lounge (featuring Wendy Williams, Dr. Cornel West, David Banner, Pharoahe Monch and Master P). Well, Saigon performed and offered his words on societal topics in front of a crowd that loved the message. Later that night he double taps Prodigy of Mobb Deep on the jaw at SOB’s, Guess what got most of the attention?

I’m sure you people know Saigon ain’t quitting. He can’t the game neeeeeeds him!


In an interview with The Voice a UK paper, 50 Cent has shot down a number of rumors. First, he deaded the notion that he was dating Ciara and said she’s not the shapely chick in his album artwork. On the other side, he denounced the notion that he gave her a Lambo and all that candy and crap for her birthday. He said that he expected his next album to be his last with Interscope and said it would be dark and gritty. He also admitted that Kanye remaining “dignified” was frustrating to him. Well, it’s like Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather and Oscar Dela Hoya – classic good guy/bad guy. 50 will be fine. He is necessary to the commercial success of rap. Sai, is essential to the underground (for right now).



Some rumors you have to laugh at, to be honest. I truly admire these two individuals – Common and Serena Williams. But, what’s got to be the funniest rumor of the ages is that these two are dating. Man, I can’t even lie…I got a good laugh out of that one. Apparently, they were seen and photographed in several “very close” positions at a party for Venus. Somebody tipped off the papers stating that they were dating. LMAO! Thickums would break Common in half, no disrespect to the brother! Serena need a dude with baggy jeans and eats red meat! (I am totally kidding, but I don’t believe it.)


You know, I cant talk, because Dame Dash broke is illseed rich. Still the NY Post is charging that Dame owes quite a bit of money to the State.

The records show that hip-hop mogul Damon Dash – whose estimated $50 million fortune bought him a chauffeur-driven $400,000 Maybach sedan, diamond-encrusted watches and more than 1,000 pairs of sneakers – owes the state more than $2 million.

Dash, 36, is one of almost 225,000 city debtors who together have shortchanged the city and state more than $1 billion in income taxes, penalties and interest, the records show.

On top of that, rumors are swirling that this happened before and Jay-Z bailed Dame out of financial problems. I really can’t speak on this level of grown folks business. What can you say?

Click here to see who else the New York Post put on blast! Stanley Crouch? Frankie Cutlass? Jam Master Jay?  Ben Vereen and Cicely Tyson? Just click here…jeeeeeez!


A corrections officer in Los Angeles (L.A. County jail) hit me up and told me that Ras Kass was in jail. Well, he said that this is like 100% true and that Ras got knocked from some form of drunk driving. But, people that represent Ras said that this must be a big misunderstanding, because Ras is down in Miami recording for his next album. I couldn’t locate any thing to support that Ras was in jail in the county.


This is another thing that I know nothing about. There is a rumor on the block that Big Meech might be taking the stand. Here is what an expert in these matters told me.

“Looks like Big Meech is gonna testify. It doesn’t make sense to cop out to a life sentence and that’s exactly what he’ll get. While the hip hop crowd were so busy jocking Meech no one noticed that neither he nor is brother can be located at Federal Bureau of Prisons. With a federal indictment, they should be in federal custody but they’re not. I have no proof but time will tell.”

I don’t know! I’m just a nobody dude that does some rumors!


Shout out to Fabolous on turning 30! He celebrated in Hollywood with rappers like The Game and Young Jeezy.

Totally expecting jail time, Mike Vick has turned himself in. No rumor here.

I heard that Ransom is going to be replaced in some way on Joe Budden’s Mood Muzik 3.

I went to look at the Kanye West video, where he gets emotional and here is the message that I got, “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Universal Music Group.”

I missed it, but that old hag and her haggetts got the Beyonce billboard pulled down. Silly people.

Yo, Jay-Z is a funny cat. I heard he dropping an American Ganster A capella CD on December 4. LOL. Yo, he’s releasing on the same date as Scarface, Drama, 2Pac and Ghostface. Hey, it’s his birthday.

Shout out to Method Man who rocked the house on Friday night in Toronto (aka TDot). I heard Meth introduced the crowd to ODB’s son and had a moment of silence! Meth said, “If Wu-Tang is forever than how can Hip-Hop be dead.”

Dr. Jan Adams, he doctor who operated on Kanye’s mother before she passed, is expected to appear on Larry King Live tomorrow (November 20). I will be there front and center so I can potentially stop judging.


Kanye is a stronger brother than I gave him credit for. Kanye West took to the stage in Brussels, Belgium on Nov. 18th and talked about his mother and the media. Shout out to Kanye…I’m a stan right now. Kudos to Kanye! He actually dedicates the song “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey to his mother. Peep the video below!


This is pretty cool for these guys to send a shout out to Kanye, but what is cooler is how dude can play the ‘Ye hits on the piano. Check it out!


C-Murder is real. Want to know who is real? Click here for the video. You will see Lil’ Zane, The Outlawz and Ice-T and Al Sharpton in there…it doesn’t get any more random than that. No Master P though.

Jha Jha has been talking heavily how she got jacked by Foxy Brown and her departure from Dipset. Check out the interview.

You have heard for years about Jay-Z and his nephews. Check out the first to break out as a rapper, Young Mel.

I am about G-Unit’ed out, but if you aren’t, check out this new interview with 50 and the Gang!

SCARFACE is MADE! Listen to a preview of ‘Face’s new CD.

The return of Andre 3000? Check out this low-quality preview of things to come. Andre is depriving us…its not fair!


In this video, Sy Scott (about 2:16 in the video) disses 50 Cent, calling him a “weight lifting n***as” and saying he would “drowned him with his own Vitamin Water.” I mean, Sy Scott has been dope from the Def Squad days, but I don’t know where this is coming from. Can anybody answer this to me?


LOL This is funny. Somebody is mad at Key Key, because of that concert fiasco down in Columbus,GA. Here is their diss.


I’m not even going to offer any other pics of people at the AMA’s. Beyonce ruled over all that she surveyed.


Check me out, y’all. IF this isn’t a sign the world is ending, nothing is.

When you were 8 years old…were you “nice” with the ladies? Were you capable of having sex? OK, now, were you capable of rape? Well, in Acworth, GA this is what happens. Here is a portion of the Associated Press’ report.

Ga. Boys Ages 8 and 9 Charged With Rape

Published: 11/19/07, 7:05 PM EDT


ACWORTH, Ga. (AP) – Three boys, ages 8 and 9, were being held Monday in a detention center on charges of kidnapping and raping an 11-year-old girl near a suburban apartment complex, officials said.

The alleged attack happened Thursday and the girl’s mother reported it to authorities Sunday, Acworth police Capt. Wayne Dennard said.

“The victim said they were playing outdoors and the girl was forced into a wooded area where she was sexually assaulted, where one of the boys raped her,” Dennard told The Associated Press.

The three boys – an 8-year-old and two 9-year-olds – appeared in juvenile court Monday afternoon, dwarfed by the courtroom chairs and wearing navy blue jump suits and shackles. Their names were withheld because of their age.



You all know Lord Infamous from the Three Six Mafia! Well, he’s not down anymore. Check out this interview with L.I. This interview was a little weird and that’s why they tossed the damn thing to me. Check out this mini-article.

Lord Infamous: The Man, The Myth, The Legacy

By Carla Aaron-Lopez

AllHipHop.com: What’s been going on with you lately?

Ah, nothing much. Just been trying to promote this album, you know, “The Man, The Myth, The Legacy.”

AllHipHop.com: So for people that don’t know who you are and think that Three 6 Mafia are just Crunchy Black, DJ Paul and Juicy J, could you give them the history of the group?

Hmm… Three 6 Mafia was originally me and my half-brother Paul, and eventually we picked up Crunchy, Koopsta Knicca and later on, Gangsta Boo. I didn’t leave the group until before “Most Known Unknown.”

AllHipHop.com: Talk to me about your departure. Why exactly did you leave the group?

Lord Infamous: It was life-changing experiences. There was a climax between me and my brother at the time and personal things that we were going through with each other. A lot of personal behavior and plus me doing some time [in jail], it just seemed like things divided us all.

AllHipHop.com: So what’s really going on? Why are DJ Paul and Juicy J the only ones left to represent the group? What happened to everybody else?

Lord Infamous: I talk to La Chat sometimes and she’s on my new album. Well you know…

AllHipHop.com: Tell me how Black Rain Entertainment came about?

Lord Infamous: The name comes from an old song I had. For right now, we’ve just started to get me out there and my man, II Tone.

AllHipHop.com: What about “The Man, The Myth, The Legacy?”

Lord Infamous: I am the man, the myth, the legacy. Just to let people know that I am not going nowhere and that I do what I do. It’s the same Lord Infamous and people can believe some of the myths but not all. I’m just a man and the legacy… I’m just trying to keep the legacy going. La Chat guest spotted on the album along with II Tone. Only time will tell if I’ll make any more albums with DJ Paul.

AllHipHop.com: Is there anything you want to share to keep these young boys off the streets and out of jail?

Lord Infamous: Watch what you do before you do it.


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