Snoop Says He Gonna Keep Banging On Gayle King! But…There’s More!

Snoop Dogg is not letting up on Gayle King even though Oprah says her friend is very upset!

(AllHipHop Rumors) This is a mess. Snoop Dogg called Gayle King, best friend of Oprah Winfrey…just about everything you can call a woman. Was he right? Not if you are a regular civilian like me. But this is Snoop. He did a very SNOOP move with this situation! Snoop showed up on the Rickey Smiley Show and let his other views out and expounded on some of the more controversial parts of his beef with Gayle And Oprah. Lordie! 

Snoop talks about Kobe Bryant as his friend/family and how that fueled his rage toward Gayle Bryant. It makes a bit more sense, even though I don’t condone how Snoop did it, I understand more. “We hurt right now. I think that it wasn’t necessary…you could have asked great questions,” Snoop said of the Gayle King interview with Lisa Leslie. He continued saying that it made her uncomfortable because Kobe was a really different type of interview. “What are you bringing this up for? You had ample opportunity to ask (these types of questions)! It didn’t feel like CBS made her do it…it felt like she wanted to do it. So that why I didn’t understand that weak ass apology. I’ma keep riding on her til I see her face to face. You got all this power. Get in order! You got people that look up to you and Oprah and think you are the best think since grass and y’all coming at Black men like this. You came at Russell Simmons, you made that documentary about Micheal Jackson that was false… Y’all doing the most accusations against Black men, but then y’all hanging with Harvey Weinstein. And Oprah’s spiritual advisor is doing 19 years right now for all kinds of sexual allegations and she ain’t said nothing about him. So, if you gonna be fair, be fair. Put the camera on everybody. I’m not here to save nobody that is wrong…because if you wrong, you wrong.”

Now…that was a lot. But there is more. Snoop also addressed the notion that he’s attacking Black women.”

“[People] need to hear from me directly instead of watching Instagram and getting half the story, just the aggression as opposed to seeing why. And not me trying to attack her, because I’m not a woman basher,” Snoop continued. “I’m just representing the people that can’t speak for right now. I’m the people’s champ. She spoke for them people so I’m speaking for our people.”


Gayle King is saying that she is receiving death threats and Oprah is teary eyed. 

Rizza Islam isn’t going for it.

Here is Oprah….