NBA Gossip: Speculation Arises About Steph Curry’s Father

Steph Curry

An unverified rumor speculates that as the drama continues to unfold in the Curry parents’ divorce, speculation about Steph Curry will arise.

Steph Curry deserves better than this mess.

The NBA superstar is stuck in the middle of his parents’ divorce, and now, there’s some speculation that Dell Curry — his beloved father — may not really be his father.

And according to this anonymous source, it’s all going to come out in the gossip rags in the coming days.

“Shocking allegations are about to hit the public from various tabloids. Alleged stinky rumors of long-standing infidelities which will vindicate Dell Curry in the divorce saga that has shocked the sports world,” said an anonymous source. “So-called close friends of Ms. Curry, allege Steph Curry, conceived prior to the marriage, is not really Dell’s child and Dell was the best financial prospect in her stable of men at the time. These “friends” promote sweaty thigh unfounded gossip that Ms. Curry’s body count includes males and females over the course of her three-decade marriage to former NBA player Dell Curry?!!? You don’t see Dell at all when you look at Steph Curry like you see him in Seth and Sydel. Stephen is a blend of Sonya and someone else allegedly according to confidential sources.”

This seems like a bit of a stretch, to be honest. And anybody can really say anything they want on the Internet. But what do you think of this bit of news? You be the judge.