Trinidad James Runs This Fashion Sh*t


Photo via Trinidad’s Instagram

Trinidad James wants you to know like Kanye West “he runs this fashion sh*t”. Since James hit the scene, people were paying just as much attention to his hair and unique style as the bass line in “All Gold Everything.” Trinidad said he wants to be a voice for those that get taunted for expressing their style and being different.

“I can wear what I want and you can’t do sh*t about it. I run this fashion sh*t. You consumers don’t. And I’m not talking sh*t. I’m just speaking up for the kids who YOU f*ckas treat as weirdos. I wanna make sure they can wear whatever they want and be great. F*ck all you cookie cutter robin jean wearing a*s n*ggas. You are trapped. May the lord free you one day. #DAD”

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